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Of or concerning a deacon or the diaconate.

[Late Latin diāconālis, from diāconus, deacon; see deacon.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) of or associated with a deacon or the diaconate
[C17: from Late Latin diāconālis, from diāconus deacon]


(daɪˈæk ə nl)

pertaining to a deacon.
[1605–15; < Late Latin diāconālis. See deacon, -al1]
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The diaconal vocation is a role within the church that is dedicated to the service of others and advancing the proclamation of Jesus Christ to those in need.
Churches should learn their lessons in diaconal work (e.
The full sum of the donation will be channeled to young people in need via the Church Diaconal Fund.
While the conference gave deacons an opportunity to learn about how to engage with some of the pressing issues in Canadian society, it also provided space for them to discuss the joys and challenges of diaconal ministry with their peers.
Introducir ex profeso la idea de ordenacion de presbiteros tomados del cuerpo diaconal corre el riesgo de desdibujar su naturaleza apostolica.
The first section makes the argument for why theology plays a crucial role in how gender is approached in diaconal practices.
It was created by the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Order of Diaconal Ministries and the Women's Missionary Society and is open to all women who are a part of the PCC, including lay people, ministers and missionaries.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Lena Heyn, RN, PhD, Bachelor of Nursing, Lovisenberg Diaconal University College, Lovisenberggt.
Ambos compartian el espiritu de apertura a la participacion real y activa de los grupos indigenas en la Iglesia, lo que llevo a la ordenacion diaconal permanente de cientos de indios, con el consentimiento de sus esposas, un hecho de empoderamiento inusitado en el mundo catolico mexicano.
His presentation yields diverse perspectives on the classification of the deaconess with one consistent element: an older woman can receive diaconal ordination.
Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky, and serves as a diaconal minister with the Methodist Church in Singapore.
Stephen the Deacon or San Esteban is another favorite: He is also depicted as a beautiful youth in diaconal attire, with rocks to remind us that he was stoned to death.