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 (dī-ăk′ə-nĭt, -nāt′)
1. The rank, office, or tenure of a deacon.
2. Deacons considered as a group.

[Late Latin diāconātus, from diāconus, deacon; see deacon.]
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(daɪˈækənɪt; -ˌneɪt)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) the office, sacramental status, or period of office of a deacon
[C17: from Late Latin diāconātus; see deacon]
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(daɪˈæk ə nɪt, -ˌneɪt)

1. the office, rank, or term of a deacon.
2. a body of deacons.
[1720–30; < Late Latin diāconātus.]
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the rank or office of a deacon.
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4: The so-called "transitional diaconate" ended the practice of ordaining women as deacons.
Examining Augustine's view of deacons as assistants to bishops in the early church, Koet discusses the origin of the word diakonos: classical and biblical backgrounds; the diaconate in the ancient church: the origin of the term deacon; Augustine, his ecclesiastical career, and his view on ministries; the deacon as messenger; the deacon as evangelist and preacher; and Augustine and the holy deacons of the early church.
Patrick Cathedral, Ado Ekiti, on October 2, two seminarians, Victor Oluwaseun Alabi and Anthony Dayo Oluwadare-Jemiseye, were also raised to the Order of the Diaconate also by Most Reverend Ajakaye.
The problem with making women permanent deacons is there's a problem with the diaconate in general.
"In this jubilee year of the United States' diaconate, we celebrate and honor the invaluable contributions that deacons and their wives make in our parishes and communities, particularly through their example of generous love and their service to the poor and needy."
The association of Catholic Priests in Ireland has asked Irish bishops not to appoint permanent deacons until the Vatican's commission on women deacons concludes its report and Pope Francis makes a decision about whether the church will allow women to join the ranks of the diaconate. Father Roy Donovan, a member of the association's leadership, described the appointment of permanent male deacons as "extending [the] patriarchy." His statement was reflected in the association's request, which described such appointments as "insensitive, disrespectful of women and counterproductive."
Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) reported 177 dioceses established diaconate formation programs (CARA, 2013) across 13 different geographic regions for the U.S.
A resolution brought forward by the faith, worship and ministry (FWM) coordinating committee asks General Synod to receive The Iona Report (and the Competencies of the Diaconate it includes) and commend it to the dioceses to be studied and reviewed, with feedback to be submitted by October 20 18.
Some have argued that the admission of women to the diaconate could strengthen their role in the church, while also helping to compensate in part for the lack of priests.--WSJ R.H.
Ordination of Women to the Diaconate in the Eastern Churches: Essays by Cipriano Vagaggini.
George Barron of Pembroke, Ont., born on December 25, 1939 in Toronto, beloved husband of Emma Winsor Barron (nee Elton), member of the Order of the Diaconate. Loving father of David (Wendy) and Peter (Jennifer) Barron.
She was a member of the United Parish of Upton, where she served for ten years on the Diaconate Board and the Parish Council.