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Noun1.diagnostic procedure - a procedure followed in making a medical diagnosis
medical diagnosis - identification of a disease from its symptoms
prenatal diagnosis - any of the diagnostic procedures used to determine whether a fetus has a genetic abnormality
cardiography, electrocardiography - diagnostic procedure consisting of recording the activity of the heart electronically with a cardiograph (and producing a cardiogram)
echocardiography - a noninvasive diagnostic procedure that uses ultrasound to study to structure and motions of the heart
echoencephalography - a noninvasive diagnostic procedure that uses ultrasound to study the anatomy of the brain
auscultation - listening to sounds within the body (usually with a stethoscope)
roentgenography, X-ray photography - radiography that uses X-rays to produce a roentgenogram
electromyography - diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders with the use of an electromyograph
mammography - a diagnostic procedure to detect breast tumors by the use of X rays
thermography - diagnostic technique using a thermograph to record the heat produced by different parts of the body; used to study blood flow and to detect tumors
procedure, process - a particular course of action intended to achieve a result; "the procedure of obtaining a driver's license"; "it was a process of trial and error"
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A gradual upward trend was observed for the choice of performing FNACBP as an initial diagnostic procedure for osseous lesions when compared with other modalities (Figure 1) during this study period.
Regional anaesthesia renders a larger area of body insensate and sedation reduces irritability, which is generally used to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.
The technicians went through a comprehensive series of tests that included a written theory test, component examination test, mechanical test and finalA[degrees] ly, a full diagnostic procedure test.
In January 2011 he was treated for a serious chest infection, and a year later underwent a diagnostic procedure for an abdominal problem.
He said in a statement, that the doctors decided to send Mandela home as the diagnostic procedure he underwent did not indicate anything seriously wrong with him.
The 93-year-old antiapartheid icon and former South Africa President sparked a scare when he was taken in for what aides are calling a "diagnostic procedure" relating to a longstanding abdominal complaint.
Had the child's chromosomal abnormality been detected early enough through a diagnostic procedure known as amniocentesis, Ms.
It shows the relevance of the measurement of Active-B12 or holotranscobalamin (holoTC), as the biologically available component of vitamin B12 and supports the use of holoTC as the first-line diagnostic procedure for vitamin B12 status.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR1) is a medical diagnostic procedure which requires a patient to be placed supine into the cylindrical bore of a powerful magnet for approximately one hour.
Why anyone would want to name their skate 'zine after a medical diagnostic procedure to detect cancer is beyond me.
Marika: Conventional breast cancer prevention at present is a diagnostic procedure but it is not a treatment for prevention.
In summary, this handbook is an excellent resource for those who want a quick, concise summary of a particular laboratory test or diagnostic procedure. It is well organized, easy to understand, and small enough to fit into a lab coat pocket.

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