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A person who diagnoses, especially a physician specializing in medical diagnostics.
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(Medicine) a specialist or expert in making diagnoses
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(ˌdaɪ əg nɒˈstɪʃ ən)

a specialist or expert in making diagnoses.
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Noun1.diagnostician - a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosisdiagnostician - a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis
aetiologist, etiologist - a specialist in the etiology of diseases
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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nDiagnostiker(in) m(f)
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[ˌdaɪəgnɒsˈtɪʃn] ndiagnostico/a, diagnosta m/f
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I mean to tell you that you are a poor diagnostician. I mean to tell you that I am not suffering from the microbe of socialism.
"Undoubtedly you are both excellent doctors," he said; "but if you care a whit for the opinion of the patient, let him tell you that you are poor diagnosticians. In fact, you are both suffering from the disease you think you find in me.
As a 20-year plus self-employed "field diagnostician," I can greatly appreciate what Dr.
Trained diagnostician as he was, he began to analyse the patient's condition, the patient being himself: he had been cast adrift in a limitless sea of sensual freedom, with only a minimal concept of justice, and a stultified sense of decency.
Mom" is the front-line diagnostician, the book's handy index and explanatory drawings provide a onestop pediatric medical library.
Most lesions or bumps sighted are not cancerous, but only a trained diagnostician can determine that possibility.
An example would be when someone trained as a vocational evaluator, rehabilitation nurse, teacher, psychologist, or educational diagnostician accepts a job as a rehabilitation counselor.
Siegel of Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, although some newer AI systems are good cancer therapy decisionmakers, "the notion of applied artificial intelligence as automated diagnostician is little more than fantasy." Rather, these systems are proving increasingly useful as "medical decision support systems" that review with their own explicit logic a physician's more intuitive diagnosis or treatment decision.
When someone is coming down with egomania, there must be symptoms that an alert diagnostician can spot: model-dating, maybe, or cosmetic surgery, or a tendency to name things after oneself.
Practicing under the preventive medicine/family practice umbrella, Dunal has become well respected in her field of family practice and integrative medicine and is considered by many to be an expert diagnostician.
"Phil was a very good doctor, hard working and a good diagnostician, and this award in his memory is just what he would have wanted," Dr Millington, who was a friend and colleague of Phil, added.
The introduction reviews the history of interactions between insects and humans and the role of insect diagnostician. Laboratory equipment, sample submission, and identification techniques are described in the beginning of the book.

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