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Adj.1.diagonalizable - capable of being transformed into a diagonal matrix
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
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Among his topics are representations of solutions to operator equations, bounds for condition numbers of diagonalizable matrices, functions of a compact operator in a Hilbert space, regular functions of a bounded non-self-adjoint operator, and commutators and perturbations of operator functions.
However, certain condition in the sequential training, for example, poor training data or poor learning parameter selection, may cause the diagonal squared matrix P to be less diagonalizable [35], thus not full rank anymore.
are the eigenvectors of the diagonalizable matrix X'DXM ordered according to their associated eigenvalues ranging from the highest (in absolute value), [[lambda].
The eigenvalues of a diagonalizable matrix A whose eigenvectors span j are said to be main.
Solving via Diagonalization TechniqueThe matrix T has M-1 distinct negative eigenvalues [25], therefore it is diagonalizable, i.
Since a 4 x 4 S-matrix is diagonalizable if and only if the sum of the dimensions of the eigen-spaces is 4.
These are both real symmetric matrices, so they are diagonalizable, with real eigenvalues, and eigenspaces with different eigenvalues are orthogonal (Godsil and Royle, 2001, [section]8.
The state matrix of the equation is time-dependent and no longer a Laplacian matrix, and is neither symmetric nor diagonalizable.
Since the matrix A has distinct eigenvalues so A is diagonalizable, also since A is positive definite and diagonalizable so A has a square root.
As a consequence, the Weingarten endomorphism is diagonalizable, that is, if p [member of] M, the map [A.
can be simultaneously unitarily diagonalizable [14, Theorem 2.