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Noun1.diagonalization - changing a square matrix to diagonal form (with all non-zero elements on the principal diagonal); "the diagonalization of a normal matrix by a unitary transformation"
resolving, resolution - analysis into clear-cut components
matrix algebra - the part of algebra that deals with the theory of matrices
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A Fast Algorithm for Joint Diagonalization with Non-orthogonal Transformations and its Application to Blind Source Separation // Journal of Machine Learning Research-2004.
Every hermitian form over (D,[sigma]) can be diagonalized and such a diagonalization will be denoted by ([a.
In 36 well-paced chapters Smith builds his case from a basic introduction to Godel's theorems on to such issues as the truths of arithmetic, formalized arithmetics, primitive recursive functions, identifying the diagonalization Lemma in the First Theorem and using it, dirivability conditions in the Second Theorem.
33) is decoupled by applying the diagonalization method of [9] to matrix M which transforms it into a diagonal matrix [M.
This subject, moreover, subtracts itself from language, at least in part, by means of language, in a process of diagonalization across the field of linguistic determination.
Regardless of the properties of P, Q([lambda]) is by construction a self-adjoint matrix and its diagonalization is numerically stable.
The approximate joint diagonalization of a set of real /w-square symmetrical correlation matrices (second-order statistics) is an essential tool in blind source separation algorithms [2], [3].
of Texas at Austin) offers diagonalization (reducing coupled linear evolution problems to a sequence of simpler decoupled problems) as a significant tool suitable for physics and engineering as well as in mathematics.
Jindal, "Limited feedback based block diagonalization for the MIMO broadcast channel," IEEE Journal on selected areas in comm.
The complex current on each resonator is worked out from the diagonalization of the mutual coupling matrix.
They cover the idea of "inverse," invertible matrices, subspaces associated with matrices, the Moore-Penrose inverse, generalized inverses, norms, inner products, projections, spectral theory, matrix diagonalization, Jordan canonical form and multilinear matters.
Using the diagonalization method [23], matrix [M] is transformed into a diagonal matrix and each degree of freedom can then be handled independently.