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Noun1.diagonalization - changing a square matrix to diagonal form (with all non-zero elements on the principal diagonal); "the diagonalization of a normal matrix by a unitary transformation"
resolving, resolution - analysis into clear-cut components
matrix algebra - the part of algebra that deals with the theory of matrices
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For the interacting models, the approximate results are compared to those found via exact diagonalization. While the approximation generally performs better globally than other high-frequency approximations, the improvement is especially pronounced in the regime of lower frequencies and strong external driving.
have proposed a BSS algorithm which is based on linear autocorrelations and joint diagonalization (LAJD), done through a merging diagonalizer of several average delayed covariance matrices at the optimal time delay [15].Yongjian ZHAO et al have proposed a framework using a sequential method based on second order statistics [16].
A novel scheme based on soft pilot re-use (SPR) and Multi-Cell Block Diagonalization (MBD) was used to address this issue.
It describes basic ideas of linear algebra, including vector spaces, linear operators, duality, determinants, diagonalization, and inner product spaces, with exercises and examples and an emphasis on proofs.
It asserts an ontology other than the simple Zwinglian, such that will can be instrumentalized as decorrelation and sparsification of neural impulses, and by way of diagonalization in QM; it proposes that at a certain point in evolution, the brain acquired physics observer status, with downward causation as shown in this paper being one result; an inheritance of attributes from the physical to the biological; new in biology are formal causality, syntax and semantics, as well as the cell and other classical biological artifacts.
Zhang, "Cooperative multi-cell block diagonalization with perbasestation power constraints," IEEE J.
MIMO and the upper bound are based on diagonalization and uncoupled channels result, capacity is readily calculated (27).
where D[.] represents the diagonalization operation, and I is a unit matrix.
After diagonalization we find two mass eigenstates [W.sup.+.sub.1] and [W.sup.+.sub.2] with
(2.) In contrast to the definition that is used in, for example, nuclear physics, we define the complex energies before and after diagonalization of H by [[epsilon].sub.k] = [e.sub.k] + (i/2)[[gamma].sub.k] and [E.sub.k] = [E.sub.k] + (i/2)[[GAMMA].sub.k], respectively, with [[gamma].sub.k] [less than or equal to] 0 and [[GAMMA].sub.k] [less than or equal to] 0 for decaying states.
Following the approach in [12], the solution to the joint diagonalization of M covariance matrices can be estimated as
The authors in [16] propose a green resource allocation scheme to jointly optimize the subchannel assignment, power allocation and phase duration assignment, in which both the separate-downlink (DL)-and-uplink (UL) and mixed-DL-and-UL relaying assignments and the linear block diagonalization (LBD) technique are adopted.