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1. A plan, sketch, drawing, or outline designed to demonstrate or explain how something works or to clarify the relationship between the parts of a whole.
2. Mathematics A graphic representation of an algebraic or geometric relationship.
3. A chart or graph.
tr.v. di·a·grammed, di·a·gram·ming, di·a·grams or di·a·gramed or di·a·gram·ing
To indicate or represent by or as if by a diagram.

[Latin diagramma, figure, from Greek, a figure worked out by lines, plan, from diagraphein, to mark out, delineate : dia-, dia- + graphein, to write; see gerbh- in Indo-European roots.]

di′a·gram′ma·ble adj.
di′a·gram·mat′ic (-grə-măt′ĭk), di′a·gram·mat′i·cal adj.
di′a·gram·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.diagrammatical - shown or represented by diagrams
delineate, delineated, represented - represented accurately or precisely
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CPISP director Dr Cynthia Gessling said the assessment included an online computer-based test of English proficiency, in addition to three critical reasoning tests to assess verbal, numerical and diagrammatical reasoning.
TL when 24 h was expressed as "Inflexion magnitude relation IR" victimization the formula diagrammatical by Jaiswal and Bhattacharya (1992): IR = (L1-L0)/L0 is that the TL once 24 h, and L1 is that the early TL in seconds.
With the ideas of compositional thinking and the possibilities of diagrammatical representation, categories can be very useful in addressing a large range of problems and consequently that addressed in this paper.
These diagrammatical representations of the test results should be displayed to the students.
Psychometric test can be used as part of the recruitment and selection process by employers to assess the ability in specific skills (such as verbal, numerical and diagrammatical reasoning) or to find out about the personal qualities by using personality questionnaires.'
Diagrammatical columns of the stomachic repletion index of Marmosa demerarae and Marmosops bishopi in forest fragments during the period from May to September (Rd1 = 0<25, Rd2 = 25<50, Rd3 = 50 <75 and Rd4 = 75<100).
This is similar to the Joanna Briggs Institute levels of evidence for effectiveness, which displays five levels of evidence for effectiveness in diagrammatical format (Joanna Briggs Institute, 2014).
Symposium essays discuss the scientific understanding of the 18th-century French physiocrats, Stanley JevonsAE and Alfred MarshallAEs diagrammatical methods, how US military administrators of postwar Germany reconfigured the institutional context to generate policy-relevant economic statistics and reports, Gerard DebreuAEs personal values and their influences on his theorizing about economic value, and the French tradition of historical epistemology.
This is shown in figure 2 the diagrammatical representation of the project which consists of all the subprocess and modules with it.
Caption: FIGURE 10: Diagrammatical representation of the mechanism of action of cell therapy in CLI patients.
The diagrammatical representation of the model we are going to test is given in Fig.