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Noun1.dial phone - a telephone with a dial for registering the number to be calleddial phone - a telephone with a dial for registering the number to be called
telephone dial, dial - a disc on a telephone that is rotated a fixed distance for each number called
phone, telephone, telephone set - electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"
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The newly gathered information includes contact data with direct dial phone numbers, verified email addresses, and precise org charts on the key IT decision makers at the country's 300 largest Hospital and Healthcare systems.
It offers 315 spacious and air-conditioned rooms each having a mini-bar, direct dial phone, colour TV with European channels and pay movies, and en-suite facilities.
After a whole era when the only choice was between an old-fashioned GPO dial phone or the much- mocked "Trimphone" of the Seventies, this was the dawn of a revolution in communications.
or the Jim Beam 100 Digit Dial Phone Decanter billed as "a real conversation piece".
(Of course, no one admits to having a MySpace account anymore.) I also am notoriously slow to upgrade my cellphone, still believing that phones should last 30 years and still be in good shape like the black rotary dial phone once owned by Grandmother Barnes.
Its flat, scratch-resistant glass screen relies on finger taps, pinches and flicks to reveal icons, type text or dial phone numbers - not a keyboard.
It was a rotary dial phone, which helped him to develop the skill of never forgetting a number.
Not the sharpest tools in the box, they made phone calls, went to an exclusive spa where they struggled to work out how to use an old rotary dial phone and still escaped.
The Access Stylus allows a motion-disabled user to select/activate apps; enter and select text; dial phone numbers; scroll, magnify and rotate the view; manipulate images and do anything that a non-disabled user can do on a touchscreen.
Chances are that nobody under twenty has ever heard the sound of a rotary dial phone 'chug a chug' back to the start after you've turned it clockwise after dialling a number.
Plus, I love that black rotary dial phone hanging on my wall.