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(dī′əl-ŭp′, dīl′-) or dial-in (-ĭn′)
Of or relating to a connection to the internet or other network that is obtained by dialing a telephone number: My dial-up connection was interrupted by call waiting.
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1. (Computer Science) computing involving or used for remote access via a telephone line
2. (Telecommunications) computing involving or used for remote access via a telephone line
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available or transmitted via telephone lines: Use your modem to get dial-up technical support for the software.
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adj attr (Comput) → Wähl-; dial-up linkWählverbindung f; dial-up modem(Wähl)modem nt; dial-up networkingDFÜ-Netzwerk nt
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With innovation at the top of all agendas, the fact that you have invented the dial-up connection won't do much if you're applying for a job as a creative technologist.
Broadband has become cheaper than dial-up for the first time, according to research by Simply Switch, the price comparison and switching service.
Broadband Internet access has become cheaper than dial-up for the first time, new figures show.
Price comparison service SimplySwitch.com has revealed that consumers in the UK switching from a dial-up connection to broadband are almost certain to make savings, whether they pay a monthly fee for unlimited access or pay per minute.
BT has around 2.3m broadband customers in its retail division while cable giant NTL has 2.8m, but observers note that the market is still emerging as a third of internet connections in the UK are dial-up. Nomura analyst Chris Alliott said: "This offer clearly ups the ante in the UK broadband market and adds to the competitive pressures on BT."
Nearly 3 out of 4 farm Internet users still rely on maddeningly slow dial-up speeds that average around 20 Kbps, which is where the urban world was way back in 1995.
It offers DSL and two-way satellite, but it concentrates its efforts on dial-up access.
Starting now, customers who purchase a standard business DSL package will get an Internet productivity suite that includes unlimited dial-up access to their broadband account from off-premises sites, domain-name e-mail (yourname@yourcompany.com), domain name registration and a complete Internet security package for one computer.
All broadband is a much faster way of usingthe internet than a dial-up service, but it comes in different speeds.
Worldwide Computer Products News-2 September 2005-Mistral announces new Accelerated Dial-up product(C)1995-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
It is only when you check the dialler that you will be able to tell that the number has been changed; it is then a case of manually changing the dial-up back to your original provider.
For instance, cable connections will offer faster Internet speeds and better capabilities to subjects than dial-up services.