dialogism, dialoguism

the representation of an author’s thoughts through his use of a dialogue between two or more of his characters. — dialogist, n. — dialogic, adj.
See also: Literary Style
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Often too, the relation of Jorgensen's argument to the theoretical framework is uneasy, and in the forcing of this fit, the critical dialogue that Jorgensen obviously intended does not take place; instead, Poniatowska's texts seem at times to be reduced to object lessons, examples of larger narratives such as Jessica Benjamin's analysis of assertion and recognition, Adrienne Rich's comments on the mother/daughter relationship in Of Woman Born, or Bakhtin's dialoguism. These peculiarities of Engaging Dialogues may be, however, the result of precisely what constitutes the virtue of Jorgensen's work: the attempt to cover the complex variety of Poniatowska's writing from a number of critical approaches, and to give us as well one way of constituting Poniatowska as an author.