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tr. & intr.v. di·a·lyzed, di·a·lyz·ing, di·a·lyz·es
To subject to or undergo dialysis.

[Back-formation from dialysis.]

di′a·lyz′a·bil′i·ty n.
di′a·lyz′a·ble adj.
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A clearing device is inserted into the blood vessel, and later removed through a first needle bore, while dialyzed blood is returned into the blood vessel through a second needle bore.
We dialyzed anybody who could get to the facilities and coordinated rescues for those who couldn't.
Most of the patients are dialyzed twice weekly which takes around 8 hours per week and certain dialysis machines have been dedicated exclusively for Hepatitis C patients.
Because of the fact that quality of life's research contribute towards better understanding of holistic human nature, in which the big part is played by subjective evaluation of the patient itself [4], we have decided that the aim of this paper would be an evaluation of life's quality, depending on health of chronically dialyzed children, as well as comparison of its subjective evaluation and identification of some of factors influencing this particular group of patients.
Samples were chemically treated according to the specific testing parameters and dialyzed or run over detergent-removal columns to remove inactivating reagents.
The product list has grown to include many hard-to-find items such as stem cell tested FBS, female FBS, lowig FBS, dialyzed FBS, delipidized FBS and charcoal dextran treated FBS just to name a few.
In a study of 5,417 patients, researchers led by Germaine Wong, MBBS, PhD, a nephrologist at the University of Sydney's School of Public Health in Australia, found that patients on dialysis for more than 4.5 years had a greater than threefold risk for lung cancer compared with those who had dialyzed for fewer than 1.5 years and 2.5 times increased risk for urinary tract cancer.
Eighty five mL of sample of HM-ACP after 70% (NH4)2SO4 precipitation was dialyzed against 10 vol.
After the incident an affected woman has been sent to the intensive care unit while others were being dialyzed. "The cause may not be the injection and it may be blood pressure or kidney failure.
Patients are being dialyzed on a lower bicarbonate setting and higher dialysate flow.
* Patients could be dialyzed in a common area or, if necessary, in their own rooms.
Since then, we have dialyzed more than 1,000 patients.