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 (dī′ə-mĕt′rĭ-kəl) also di·a·met·ric (-rĭk)
1. Of, relating to, or along a diameter.
2. Exactly opposite; contrary.

di′a·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌdaɪ əˈmɛ trɪ kəl)

also di`a•met′ric,

1. of, pertaining to, or along a diameter.
2. being in direct opposition or at opposite extremes: diametrical opinions.
[1545–55; < Greek diametrik(ós) (diámetr(os) diameter + -ikos -ic) + -al1]
di`a•met′ri•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.diametrical - related to or along a diameter; "the diametral plane"
2.diametrical - characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed; "in diametric contradiction to his claims"; "diametrical (or opposite) points of view"; "opposite meanings"; "extreme and indefensible polar positions"
different - unlike in nature or quality or form or degree; "took different approaches to the problem"; "came to a different conclusion"; "different parts of the country"; "on different sides of the issue"; "this meeting was different from the earlier one"
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[ˌdaɪəˈmetrɪkəl] ADJdiametral
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adj (Math, fig) → diametral
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While we welcome the name change, it must be a stepping stone to executing the needed overhaul of the prison operations and not just a smokescreen to obfuscate the more fundamental need for a diametrical re-jigging of the system which must necessarily include, though not limited to, re-orientation of the prison officials and inmates.
Iran is not an adventurous country; and its foreign and security policies are predictable, even if diametrical to Western interests.
However, the Ezhava and the Nair communities that make up 54 per cent of Kerala's 18.2 million Hindus (88,03,000 men and 94,79,000 women) hold diametrical views on the Sabarimala issue.
The direct contact extensometers, as depicted in Figure 1(b), were used to record axial and diametrical displacements.
For example, an experimental study during the technological cycle of the breakdown voltage U of insulation of the wire with a nominal diameter of 0.56 mm indicates that during different technological periods the dynamics of the diametrical thickness t of the enamel can vary significantly (Fig.
This attitude and approach goes through a diametrical change when Saudi students leave their high schools and enter Preparatory Year Programme (PYP) to prepare for the professional colleges and professional fields later.
And the effect of it on the UP community, ticket sales and crowd control in the venue is the diametrical opposite of those lonely years of empty Maroon galleries and seats.
The first is that it was never finished: as Lear wrote to Tennyson in 1880, 'during some 30 years of more or less study on the subjects,--a great number of these drawings have come to be--(--through their egg, caterpillar, & Chrysalis state,--)'; yet Lear's progressing blindness and rheumatism in old age had made the project increasingly difficult: 'If a man has but one eye, & that one weak:--& no proper thumbs to hold pencils, & if all his working light is spoiled by a diametrical damnable blazing 5 Story Hotel, verily his work--or his attempts to work,--is or are not easy.' The second reason for the near disappearance of Lear's 'poetical topography' is that it proved unpublishable in a way that could do justice to Lear's textures.
To help better predict the effect of diametrical wear, you can calculate leakage flow by considering overall clearance, flight width, lead, head pressure, viscosity, and melt density.
Like all mythical creatures, it was comfortably both one thing and its diametrical opposite: Sweet and not-so-sweet, bubblier and flatter, richer in sugar and, somehow, healthier for you.
Gopin positions this ontological orientation in diametrical opposition with theorists like Hobbes or Machiavelli, who posit that encounters with the Other are bound for violent conflict.