diametrical opposition

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Noun1.diametrical opposition - the relation of opposition along a diameter
opposition - a direction opposite to another
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His commitment to liberal elitism and protectionist politics shapes his diametrical opposition to Killmonger, who sees himself as a revolutionary savior of the people.
Such procedures exist in diametrical opposition to Wikipedia's ideology, which avoids exactly such responsibility.
Obviously, this view of human beings is in diametrical opposition to that of traditional Christianity, which attributes human dignity to the divine spark each person carries within himself, and to his place in the hierarchical chain: his relationship to inorganic and inanimate objects, to the animals, to his fellow men, to the angels, and finally to the Creator, Such a creature has no need of "rights" or of "freedom"--an illusory notion in any case--though certain liberties, recognized over the centuries by both the Church and the state, are clearly appropriate to his nature.
Who knows if that is possible, or even if it is a good idea, but in this increasingly complex religious world, the opportunity to acknowledge overlap and resonance with another faith once conceived in diametrical opposition would not be a bad thing.
He takes only a step or two back from the edge of paradox when he allows that there need be no diametrical opposition "between a certain kind of moderate relativism and the Scholastic commitment to absolute troth" (269).
Kearney opens with the received idea that Protestants believed that sacred text had been displaced by non-scriptural religious traditions and acts of piety, and this belief explained the diametrical opposition of Protestantism and Catholicism: "Christ and Antichrist ...
One area of diametrical opposition between the Democratic and Republican platforms is the plank dealing with "choice." What many may not know is that the Democratic platform states that it supports the right to abortion "regardless of ability to pay." This infers public funding.
The author states in the Introduction that her intent is to explore the concepts of innocence and authenticity present in the films' female characters, qualities that stand in diametrical opposition to the desecration of the modern bourgeois, neo-capitalist and patriarchal culture.