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A geological structure formed when a mass of material of high plasticity and low density, such as salt, gypsum, or magma, pushes upward into overlying strata.

[French, from Greek diapeirein, to push through : dia-, dia- + peirein, to pierce; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

di′a·pir′ic adj.
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(Geological Science) geology an anticlinal fold in which the brittle overlying rock has been pierced by material, such as salt, from beneath
[C20: from Greek diapeirainein to make holes through, pierce]
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(ˈdaɪ əˌpɪər)

an anticline of rock the upper regions of which have been penetrated by material from below.
[1915–20; < French < Greek diapeírein to drive through]
di`a•pir′ic (-ˈpɪr ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.diapir - a domed rock formation where a core of rock has moved upward and pierced through the more brittle overlying strata
geology - a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
geological formation, formation - (geology) the geological features of the earth
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With respect to the inner structure, the convergence of natural flows at geologic scale has shaped and built a sedimentary geological reservoir know under the name of Ocna Sugatag Anticline, a salt diapir dome, economically important due to the natural stock of salt minerals.
'the locality is not precise; ASb- Arruda Sub-basin; BSb--Bombarral Sub-basin, cd--Caldas Diapir; CR--Caldas da Rainha town; TSb--Turcifal Sub-basin.
1992), it is also broadly parallel to the trend of the salt-cored Minudie Anticline and may record paleoflow deflection by the diapir.
The EFG is a deep reef atop a salt diapir (Bright & Powell 1983, Gardner et al.
* a small hill 12 m elevated (where the city is located) is a topographic effect of the diapir process that started in the end of ice age (that makes an average value of the process rate about 1 mm/yr).
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Although some questions remain concerning their formation and evolution, they are generally considered to be the result of rising plumes of magma (diapirs) which reach the surface, push the crust upward, and then collapse (like a badly cooked souffle) after the diapir cools (Basilevsky and Head, 2003).