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A person who keeps a diary.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who keeps or writes a diary, esp one that is subsequently published


(ˈdaɪ ə rɪst)

a person who keeps a diary.
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Noun1.diarist - someone who keeps a diary or journal
writer - a person who is able to write and has written something




Marie Bashkirtseff (Russian), Fanny Burney (English), E.M. Delafield (English), John Evelyn (English), Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones) (English), Anne Frank (Dutch), André Gide (French), George and Weedon Grossmith (Charles Pooter) (English), Francis Kilvert (British), Samuel Pepys (English), Marion Rivers-Moore (English), Sue Townsend (Adrian Mole) (English), Anaïs Nin (French-U.S.), Dorothy Wordsworth (English)


[ˈdaɪərɪst] Ndiarista mf


n (of personal events)Tagebuchschreiber(in) m(f); (of contemporary events)Chronist(in) m(f)
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From this direction there came along the road that evening a glitter and clatter of light cavalry, in which even the simple diarist could recognise with astonishment the general with his staff.
Augustus Pelham, the diarist, liked a calm atmosphere in which to tell his stories; he liked attention; he liked to elicit little facts, little stories, about the past and the great dead, from such distinguished characters as Mrs.
The actress won posthumously for best spoken word album for her audiobook recording of her 2016 memoir, 'The Princess Diarist.
Fisher won for Best Spoken Word Album for "The Princess Diarist," the audiobook version of her memoir which came out weeks before she died in December 2016 at age 60 of a sudden cardiac arrest.
Later, the 17th century diarist Samuel Pepys wrote about how "being full of wind and out of order" he called somewhere for a biscuit.
The opening lines were that I came to fame as a diarist, which is just not true.
The unknown aviator and diarist was John MacGavock Grider, who went missing in action on June 18, 1918.
Thus, all three of her fictive diarists are writer figures, all reflect on writing and on themselves, and in the course of each text the writing of the diary has the effect of changing the diarist.
Fisher penned her last memoir, 'The Princess Diarist,' wherein she revealed her three-month aromatic romance with co-star Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo in the intergalactic saga.
Her most recent book, released this year, was the "Princess Diarist.
1740: James Boswell, Scottish diarist and biographer of Samuel Johnson, was born.
Fictional diarist Bridget Jones usually drowns her sorrows by drinking which wine?