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Adj.1.diarrhoeic - of or relating to diarrhea
unconstipated, regular - not constipated
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The rectal examination revealed empty rectum in 8 out of 12 cases (impactive) and loose to diarrhoeic feces were observed in 4 out 12 cases (spasmodic colic).
In a recent qPCR study of over 500 diarrhoeic stool samples received by Southern Community Laboratories, Dunedin, the only STEC semigroups detected using molecular techniques were O103 and O157 (both in two patients).
In this study, it was observed that the number of diarrhoeic stool gotten from adults was quite small compared to that obtained from children and this might not be unrelated to the fact that, adults in the locality rarely visit health institutions when they have diarrhoea unless they perceive the diarrhoea as being serious, usually if blood is present as reported by Okeke et al.
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