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Noun1.diary keeper - someone who keeps a diary or journal
writer - a person who is able to write and has written something
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As a diary keeper, it's safe to say I was no Samuel Pepys.
This data also shows social change through the years - the person filling out the questionnaire was no longer described as a housewife in 1991 and instead the main diary keeper.
PA Audrey Bell has served under six chief executives at Newcastle City Council, acting as confidant, matchmaker, diary keeper and even pipe-cleaner to some of the region's most powerful men.
The comedian, an inveterate modern day blogger, was also a keen teenage diary keeper, more in the style, it has to be said, of Adrian Mole than Anne Frank.
obert Hamilton was an assiduous diary keeper, recording life's daily occurrences between 1913 and 1950 with military precision.
An inveterate diary keeper and letter writer, she kept and detailed and lively accounts of all her trips.
Wrapped around your extremity could be a fully functioning 190kb memory diary keeper, contact book and memo taker.