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The therapeutic generation of local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents.

di′a·ther′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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1. (Medicine) of or relating to diathermy
2. (General Physics) able to conduct heat; passing heat freely
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Furthermore, the diathermic oil was selected as a coolant of the DHRS so that the system might operate under the atmospheric pressure and maintain higher heat transfer efficiency [14].
In our cases, the endoscopist did not succeed in removing the object because of the size (too big to be grasped with the diathermic snare) and the material (too smooth and slipping for the clamp).
It was removed with the diathermic loop, after infiltration of the mucosa with adrenaline.
The use of steam heated large diameter (600 mm) cylinders, with optional diathermic oil, ensures high production speed with excellent shrinkage values.
diathermic fistulotomy for submucosal fistulas: a randomized trial.
Inui et al., "Usefulness of a novel electrosurgical knife, the insulation-tipped diathermic knife-2, for endoscopic submucosal dissection of early gastric cancer," Gastric Cancer, vol.
The traditional technique to assess the extent of adenomyosis infiltration is biopsy sampling performed using a resectoscope with a diathermic loop, to perform the resection of the endomyometrial layer concerned.
Treatment of gastric epithelial tumours by endoscopic submucosal dissection using an insulated-tip diathermic knife.