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A volcanic pipe that is filled with breccia, formed by a subterranean gaseous explosion.

[Greek diatrēma, foramen (of a nerve), dugout canoe : dia-, dia- + trēma, perforation; see terə in Indo-European roots.]
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Diatreme Resources Limited (ASX:DRX) is an emerging Australian producer of mineral sands.
At depth in the BEP, large clasts of potassic altered (biotite, potassic feldspar and magnetite) diorite porphyry with intense stockwork chalcopyrite-bornite mineralisation occur within a diatreme breccia and are interpreted to have been transported from a high-grade potassic core at depth.
The Ancient Negros Arc comprises Eocene to Oligocene andesitic to dacitic volcanic and clastic rocks intruded by a Miocene dacitic diatreme complex [22].
(2007): Cenozoic diatreme field in Chubut (Argentina) as evidence of phreatomagmatic volcanism accompanied with extensive Patagonian plateau basal volcanism?
The resulting diatreme is a funnel-shaped crater filled in deep by breccia of original country rock "fluffed up" with the explosion.
This style of breccia is often referred to as diatreme breccia.
While the source diatreme for Ripple Lake Diamonds' initial sample was a mere three-by-three metres and did not have any real financial significance on its own, the discovery is credited for leapfrogging the company's progress.
- the mineralisation at Nevera continues past NEV028, and that NEV028 was drilled in an area that was either faulted away or disrupted by a diatreme.
The year 2006 was the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of diamonds in the Prairie Creek diatreme near Murfreesboro, Arkansas by John Huddleston, a local pig farmer.
The Kelsey Lake kimberlites, a cluster of eight diamondiferous pipes, form a group of irregular shaped pipes and fissures consisting largely of multiphase blows of diatreme facies kimberlite, with extensions and minor phases of hypabyssal-facies kimberlite.