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A volcanic pipe that is filled with breccia, formed by a subterranean gaseous explosion.

[Greek diatrēma, foramen (of a nerve), dugout canoe : dia-, dia- + trēma, perforation; see terə in Indo-European roots.]
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Ranoke is in a tectonic setting favourable for a large IOCG system, and is surrounded by alkaline and ultramafic intrusions and diatremes which demonstrate a long-lived history of repeated intrusions along a crustal-scale mega-structure.
Locally, ultramafic rocks, lamprophyre diatremes and carbonatites are present (Veretennikov et al.
Diatremy Belarusi (petrologicheskaya spetsializatsiya, almazonosnost') [Belorussian diatremes (petrological specialization, diamond potential)].
The likely presence of meta-dolerite xenoliths in Sydney region diatremes is also extremely low, as is the possibility of such material being in the older known palaeochannel remnants such as at Newington and Newtown.
Kimberlite diatremes were emplaced at relatively low, non-magmatic temperatures and are thought to have churned and mixed violently.
This forward modeling eliminates the possibility of the presence of other geological causative bodies such as igneous intrusions, Maars, Diatremes or sedimentary structures, leaving the model of an impact crater as the most probable phenomenon that could generate the circular structure.
1999, 2000), including the Kuuvvaluk ultramafic lamprophyre diatremes (Madore et al.
Because these types of bodies are so different from ordinary volcanic pipes they have been given a different name: diatremes.
Since no kimberlite diatremes have been observed in the process of eruption during man's time on earth (the youngest ones known, in Namibia and Tanzania, date from the Eocene, i.e.
The resulting diatreme is a funnel-shaped crater filled in deep by breccia of original country rock "fluffed up" with the explosion.
This feature is interpreted as a diatreme breccia and it has evidence of argillic alteration on its periphery.