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Relating to or containing a pair of bonded nitrogen atoms, one of which is also bonded to a carbon atom.


1. (Chemistry) of, consisting of, or containing the divalent group, =N:N, or the divalent group, -N:N-: diazo compound. See also azo
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Also: dyeline of or relating to the reproduction of documents using the bleaching action of ultraviolet radiation on diazonium salts
n, pl -os or -oes
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a document produced by this method


(daɪˈæz oʊ, -ˈeɪ zoʊ)

containing the bivalent group -N=N- united with a hydrocarbon group.
[1855–60; di-1 + azo-]
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Adj.1.diazo - relating to or containing diazonium
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The useful reactivity of the diazo functional group (c=n2) contained on these molecules will be exploited to develop: (i) a small library of novel tetracycline antibiotics; And (ii) a 18f labelling process; We aim to provide a robust and simple strategy for the simple synthesis of 18f-fluorinated probes to impact positron emission tomography (pet) imaging.
In 2017 Genus announced the introduction of a brand new Microfilm Diazo manufacturing plant in the UK
The clear diazo solution at 0-5 AdegC was used for subsequent coupling reaction.
Typhidot M and Diazo test vis-a-vis blood culture and Widal test in the early diagnosis of typhoid fever in children in a resource poor setting.
Dye Class 1 Acid red 27 Monoazo sulphone 2 Acid blue 74 Indigoid 3 Acid red 2(MR) ** Acid monoazo 4 Acid red 52 Acid sulphone monoazo 5 Acid orange 7 Vinylsulphone monoazo 6 Acid black 210 Vinyl sulphone triazo 7 Direct yellow 12 Diazo sulphone 8 Reactive red 195 Diazo sulphone 9 Reactive black 5 Vinyl sulphone diazo 10 Reactive yellow 145 Monoazo sulphone Sr.
In subsequent serum spiking experiments, they also showed that eltrombopag concentrations 100 ig/mL or greater caused a significant negative interference on total bilirubin measurements using the diazo method on the DxC 800 analyzer (Beckman Coulter, Brea, California).
The Ozalid copier used dyeline or diazo paper, known in German as Lichtpauspapier, which is "wet-strength paper with a light-sensitive layer to multiply text or drawings" (J.
Direct" assays involve a chemical reaction with diazo dyes, followed by quantification of azobilirubin produced over a specified time.
Meanings of prefixes like diazo, ampho, syn and photo, and suffixes like oid (eg.
The following step is a classical diazo moiety forming cyclization at low temperature to generate the benzoicjcinnolines.
In addition, for the infants who had TSB>20 mg/ dl, TSB levels were determined in two milliliters of a venous sample with a diazo method in the laboratory, as part of the routine evaluation of significant hyperbilirubinemia.