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Relating to or containing a pair of bonded nitrogen atoms, one of which is also bonded to a carbon atom.


1. (Chemistry) of, consisting of, or containing the divalent group, =N:N, or the divalent group, -N:N-: diazo compound. See also azo
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Also: dyeline of or relating to the reproduction of documents using the bleaching action of ultraviolet radiation on diazonium salts
n, pl -os or -oes
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a document produced by this method


(daɪˈæz oʊ, -ˈeɪ zoʊ)

containing the bivalent group -N=N- united with a hydrocarbon group.
[1855–60; di-1 + azo-]
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Adj.1.diazo - relating to or containing diazonium
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The Ozalid copier used dyeline or diazo paper, known in German as Lichtpauspapier, which is "wet-strength paper with a light-sensitive layer to multiply text or drawings" (J.
The following step is a classical diazo moiety forming cyclization at low temperature to generate the benzo[c]cinnolines 18-22 as well as the benzoic,h]cinnolines 23-24.
com/research/z5945d/global_and) has announced the addition of the "Global and Chinese Diazo Film PCB Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
2% N-(1-naphthyl) ethylenediamine and 2% sulphanilamide in 5% phosphoric acid, gives a red-violet diazo dye with nitrite, and the resultant color was measured at 540 nm.
max] 590 nm) was a commercial diazo reactive dye containing two vinyl sulfones as reactive groups.
A direct bilirubin assay on the Beckman Coulter DxC that also uses the diazo method but does not have the associated changes in pH with reagent addition appears much less subject to interference by this drug (no observable interference at 100 [micro]g/mL).
Micro Images also provides microfilm processing, duplication and methylene blue analysis services and sells microfilm, diazo film, silver duplicating film, and processing chemicals.
Because ditaurobilirubin (DTB), which is present in most commercial calibrators, and bovine serum, which is used instead of human serum for preparing calibrators, have been shown to interfere with the measurement of bilirubin (3), we investigated the effects of DTB and bovine serum on the measurement of total bilirubin by diazo methods.
They describe current work in areas such as copying the natural skeletal muscle design into a new artificial muscle system, optimization of new ultralow-k materials for advanced interconnection, applications of two-way shape memory polymer composite, and novel enzymatic polymerization of diazo compounds.
Seven points of evaluation, similar to those listed in the recovered FAMC document "X-ray evaluation of the above knee socket; A supplement to standard check-out procedures" [26] are presented as diazo slides in the narrated slideshow.
2000, "Removal of diazo dye from aqueous phase by algae Spirogyra species, Toxicol.