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A pointed gardening implement used to make holes in soil, especially for planting bulbs or seedlings.
tr.v. dib·bled, dib·bling, dib·bles
1. To make holes in (soil) with a pointed implement.
2. To plant by means of a pointed implement.

[Middle English dibbel.]

dib′bler n.
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The geophysical surveys completed by the Company also identified a significant nickel anomaly on the north-eastern part of Manindi, known as Dibbler, which was not followed up, but has now become a high priority target for the Company.
Two rows, each four meter in length, for every treatment were sown manually using dibbler by maintaining distances of 15 cm and 30 cm plant-plant and row-row, respectively.
The seed rate @ 25 kg ha-1 were sown in lines with dibbler by maintaining 75 cm distance between rows and 20 cm between plants, in a net plot size of 4 m x 3 m.
We even get to meet Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler played by Matt Burnett.
In different countries of the world, simple tools and work methods have been developed by ergonomists that offer better working condition for different agricultural operations such as the seed dibbler, vegetable harvesting cart, etc.
The sowing was done by dibbler, 2-3 seeds were sown at one point with a distance of 12 inches.
Pratchett's universe is as fully textured and richly flavoured as one of Dibbler's sossigesinna-bun (don't ask.) You can sink into the weirdness while recognising every character as richly real, from wizards to dragon-breeders.
Planting was done on ridges using 2-3 seeds per hill with the help of dibbler, which were later thinned to one plant per hill at four leaves stage.
(25) Amusingly, in the case of the rather narrow tree trunk boundaries, it could happen that a dibbler of one field inadvertently punched some holes on the other side of the trunk.
The Crop was sown during first week of March on ridges 65cm apart by dibbler by dibbler method at plant spacing of 22.5 cm using 6 kg ha Seed rate.
In examining the dictatorial personality in "Maradona", Obafemi sees Ibrahim Babangida, a former Nigerian military head of state, as a dibbler, a seller of his people and a con of a man: someone bent on personal aggrandizement to the detriment of his nation and people: a betrayer of his country to multinationals and world powers (Bamikunle, 2000: 284-285):
150 (kg ha -1 ).Crop was sown on 13 th March, 2010, with the help of a dibbler on ridges of 60 cm spaced apart keeping plant to plant distance of 20, 25 and 30 cm.