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A pointed gardening implement used to make holes in soil, especially for planting bulbs or seedlings.
tr.v. dib·bled, dib·bling, dib·bles
1. To make holes in (soil) with a pointed implement.
2. To plant by means of a pointed implement.

[Middle English dibbel.]

dib′bler n.
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Dibblers and sowers each formed rows and moved as such in unison across the field (baduyun).
25) Amusingly, in the case of the rather narrow tree trunk boundaries, it could happen that a dibbler of one field inadvertently punched some holes on the other side of the trunk.
Schimmel's three employees have assembled more than 1,200 Dibblers.
Using the Dibbler allows loaded golf bags to remain on the cart, while protecting clubs from wet grass or being lost.
The Dibbler stands independently, using a steel spike inserted in the ground for support, or it can be attached to the golf bag.
Schimmel is recruiting independent "consultant" to sell the Dibbler while playing golf.