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Containing two carboxyl groups per molecule.


(daɪˈkɑr bɒkˈsɪl ɪk, -ˌkɑr-)

containing two carboxyl groups.
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Adj.1.dicarboxylic - containing two carboxyls per molecule
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BERLIN -- Azelaic acid (AzA), a naturally occurring dicarboxylic acid, has been shown to be effective in the treatment of both acne and rosacea.
Not only that, but the bacterium produces furan dicarboxylic acid (FCDA) from HMF, which can act as precursor in the production of PET.
Although saffron contains some conventional carotenoids (a-and a-carotene, lycopin and zeaxanthin), its staining capability is mostly caused by crocetine esters; crocetin is a dicarboxylic acid with a carotenoid-like C18 backbone, which is formed from carotenoid precursors ("diterpene carotenoid").
Substance Indicating color [E.sub.red] (V) 2,3'-diphenylamine blue-violet +1.12 dicarboxylic acid diphenylamine sulfonic acid red-violet +0.85 diphenylamine violet +0.76 iodine:starch Blue-black +0.54 luminol chemiluminescent
The copolyester consists of repeat units of one or more aliphatic dicarboxylic acids, one or more aromatic dicarboxylic acids selected from the group consisting of terephthaliic acid, isophthalic acid and phthalic acid, and a stoichiometric amount of a glycol component consisting of one or more glycols selected from the group consisting of aliphatic glycols and cycloaliphatic glycols.
Polyamides consist of copolymers of dicarboxylic acids and diamines, held together by amide links.
A US patent assigned to the Research Corporation in New York, (15) discloses oil-modified sucrose resins obtainable by reaction of a partial esterified sucrose ester with a cyclic dicarboxylic dicarboxylic anhydride and a diepoxide.
The US PTO abstract of the invention reads: "When the oxidizing agent is sodium persulfate, the one or more additives generally comprise an aliphatic saturated dicarboxylic acid.
Kawamura K, Kaplan IR (1987) Motor exhaust emissions as primary source for dicarboxylic acids in Los Angeles ambient air.
Antimitochondral effect of saturated medium chain length (C8-C13) dicarboxylic acid.
Dicarboxylic acids, Polyethyleneglycol (600), 1,4-Butanediol and solvents bought from S.