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(daɪˈsɛntrɪk) genetics
an abnormal chromosome with two centromeres
having two centromeres
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(daɪˈsɛn trɪk)

(of a chromosome or chromatid) having two centromeres.
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The purpose of this paper was to construct an in vitro dose calibration curve for a 6 MV electron linear accelerator using the dicentric assay and to fit the data to both the CABAS and the Dose Estimate programs in order to compare the output of each method.
(17) An additional translocation, dic(2;4)(p23;q33) (dicentric), involving an unknown gene, has recently been described.
2005) and control children (n = 10), reporting an 8-fold increase of "dicentric chromosomes" and "ring chromosomes" in the siblings of the cases.
The kind of aberrations detected were acentric fragments, dicentric chromosomes, rings, gaps and breaks.
In the 20-wk-old callus cells, nearly 10% of the diploid and tetraploid cells counted had structural changes with acrocentric, telocentric and/ or dicentric chromosomes (unpublished data).
[1], papillomavirus can act on host chromatin causing cytogenetic alterations, such as changes in ploidy, chromatin gaps and breaks, dicentric chromosomes and rings.
However, they took only dicentric and ring chromosomes into account, which were not findings reported in our study.
H, A dicentric isochromosome of the chromosome 17 long arm with concomitant loss of the short arm.
In nonhomologous ROBs, the breakpoints usually occur in the short arms of the participating chromosomes, resulting in dicentric translocations (23).
Although no specific structural or numerical aberrations have emerged, telomeric associations, ring chromosomes, and/or dicentric chromosomes are common.
ubajara, it is possible that the putative dicentric chromosomes, products of the fusion, undergo an inactivation of one centromere, a process already well documented in several organisms (Stimpson et al.
Examples of lethal aberrations to the cell are the dicentric and ring (which are chromosome aberrations) and the anaphase bridge (a chromatid aberration).