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(daɪˈsɛntrɪk) genetics
an abnormal chromosome with two centromeres
having two centromeres


(daɪˈsɛn trɪk)

(of a chromosome or chromatid) having two centromeres.
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Examples of lethal aberrations to the cell are the dicentric and ring (which are chromosome aberrations) and the anaphase bridge (a chromatid aberration).
Two chromosomes are deemed included when the following structural aberration existed: dicentric chromosome and translocation.
The dicentric chromosomes in the population are indicating a previous exposure to radiation.
2003), and originate from dicentric chromosomes whose centromeres are pulled to opposite poles during anaphase.
NPBs and NBUDs), cytotoxicity (necrosis and apoptosis) and mitotic status (scoring mono and multinucleated cells), MNi are formed as a result of chromosome fragmentation or loss, NPBs are dicentric chromosomes reflecting telomere end-fusions or DNA mis-repair and NBUDs represent extrusion of amplified DNA indicating gene amplification and/or DNA repair complexes (Shimizu et al.
observed a mean frequency of dicentric chromosomes more than twice as high (0.
A girl with duplication 17p10-p12 associated with a dicentric chromosome.
It was demonstrated that the iso-B of Metaleptea brevicornis is dicentric and its anomalous meiotic behavior induces the production of very high frequencies of abnormal sperm (Grieco & Bidau 2000).
It has been known for many years that radiation exposure could cause single or double strand breaks in the chromosomes, leading to dicentric chromosomes, translocations and more complex rearrangements (10), (11).
Key words: Aloe vera, premeiotic mitosis, chromosome abnormalities, micronucleus, dicentric chromosome bridges.