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Any of several creeping perennial plants of the genus Dichondra, having round leaves and widely cultivated as ground cover.

[New Latin Dichondra, genus name : di- + Greek khondros, granule; see chondro-.]


(Plants) any of a genus of creeping perennial herbs of the Convolvulaceae family, with white, pale yellow, or green flowers


(daɪˈkɒn drə)

n., pl. -dras.
any creeping vine of the genus Dichondra, of the morning glory family, often used as a ground cover.
[< New Latin (1776) < Greek chóndr(os) grain, granule]
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Noun1.dichondra - a creeping perennial herb with hairy stems and orbicular to reniform leaves and small white to greenish flowers; used as a grass substitute in warm regions
genus Dichondra - genus of chiefly tropical prostrate perennial herbs with creeping stems that root at the nodes
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
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There's Dichondra argentea 'Silver Falls', X Graptosedum, and Sedum morganianum (donkey tail)--all lined along the edge of the bed and tucked into the wall's crevices in a fast-draining, cactus-friendly soil mix.
Stellaria weddellii h -- Pedersen Convolvulaceae Dichondra microcalyx h -- (Hallier f.) Fabris Crassulaceae Crassula closiana (Gay) h -- Reiche Crassula connata h -- (Ruiz & Pav.) A.
Lysimachias, trailing small-leafed tradescantias, dichondra and sweet potato vines are some choices.
Meanwhile, Dichondra Silver Falls is a real beauty, creating a waterfall of silvery leaves and it can even look stunning just planted on its own.
Fan-shaped foliage on silver stems makes Dichondra Silver Falls one of the best trailing plants for creating a waterfall effect.
Thlaspi arvense ubiquitous Chenopodiceae Chenopodium album * ubiquitous Chenopodium berlandieri * ubiquitous Dysphania ambrosioides * ubiquitous Convolvulaceae Convolvulus arvensis ubiquitous Dichondra carolinensis * s U.S.
En el caso de las concentraciones totales de Pb todas las muestras superaron el limite maximo (800 mg [kg.sup.-1]) para suelo de uso industrial en Mexico (NOM-147-SEMARNAT/SSA1, 2004), excepto por Cuphea lanceolata de San Francisco, Crotalaria pumila, Flaveria trinervia y Dichondra argentea del sitio Santa Maria, las rizosferas tuvieron concentraciones de Cd superiores al limite (37 mg [kg.sup.-1]) senalado en la misma norma.
erecta (sub Antioftalmico Jujuy (CYC) "Commelyna sulcata") CONVOLVULACEAE Dichondra oreja del gato Madurativo y Misiones (CMI) sericea Sw.
Top selling annuals for garden center sales include Sun Cities Santa Cruz[TM] Sunset Begonia, Cool Wave[R] Pansies, Silver Falls Dichondra, Wave[R] Petunias and Tumbler[TM] Impatiens.
indecora large-seeded dodder Cuscuta campestris Yunck field dodder Cuscuta salina Engelm salt dodder Dichondra occidentalis House western dichondra Crassulaceae Stonecrop Family Crassula connata (Ruiz & Pav.) A.
In addition to grape harvesters, AIM has produced harvesters for radishes, chrysanthemums, coffee, guayule, patchouli, and Dichondra seed, as well as tomato vine diverters, vineyard pre-pruners, vine trimmers, brush rakes, tractor saddle tanks, chemical applicators, twin-bin picking trailers, hydraulic pruning shears, a highway barrier mover, a steam leaf removal machine, and pieces of custom equipment-- some of which are "strictly confidential."