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Noun1.dichotomisation - the act of dividing into two sharply different categories
division - the act or process of dividing
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That's indefensible, gratuitous dichotomisation of the country by a sitting president.
The graduate works' inherent inattention to the market, the abandon of pre-fixed dichotomisation between subject and object or even the risks taken with some works (fully resolved or not), are all revealing of the school's primary focus on critical and independent thought before all, and constitute the show's very success and impact.
All definitions are based on dichotomisation of the CVD risk factors and to be clinically diagnosed with the MetS the thresholds for at least three risk factors including obesity must be attained.
Cependant, force est de constater que cette division structurelle ne fait que reproduire une dichotomisation entre << tradition >> et << modernite >>, termes que l'auteur ne manque pourtant pas de critiquer longuement dans son dernier chapitre.
The contextual background to his story is the sharp dichotomisation of 'Swedes'--that is, whites--and 'immigrants', that is Swedes of colour, in everyday life, with the latter being racialised, proletarianised and in many cases also criminalised.
Le maintien d'une frontiere ethnique s'explique principalement par une dichotomisation constante entre membres et non-membres; elle prend forme a travers des dynamiques d'inclusion et d'exclusion.
In reference to the social dichotomisation, Yousri dispersed his earthenware figurines into two groups pattering their way lemming-like across the gallery floor.