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v. di·chot·o·mized, di·chot·o·miz·ing, di·chot·o·miz·es
To separate into two parts or classifications.
To be or become divided into parts or branches; fork.

di·chot′o·mist (-mĭst) n.
di·chot′o·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.dichotomization - the act of dividing into two sharply different categories
division - the act or process of dividing


, dichotomization
n. dicotomía, dicotomización, división en dos partes; bifurcación.
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Third, our dichotomization of the physical and support supply chain, along with our focus on a physical product, might limit the generalizability of our theorization by excluding the service supply chain.
These additional models, even though similar to those above, were run because cutoffs for heat tolerance are being debated (47) and dichotomization reduces statistical power, especially with small sample sizes.
It is important to move beyond the rigid dichotomization of secular and religious in the modern sense.
Messner (1997) problemetizes Bly's dichotomization of "male" and "female" values.
In a moment charged with doubt and anxiety, Pavese dramatizes the dichotomy between awareness and blindness that Gibson points out when she concludes, "There are indeed plenty of examples of crude dichotomization between siren and doormat, of women as victim and of Eve as destructive of male creative energies.
The dichotomization of ESP is generally presented in a tree diagram.
2012); the authors argued that this dichotomization of FS-ICU item responses, although arbitrary, is familiar to patients, families, clinicians, and administrators, because it is the approach that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has taken with public reporting of patient satisfaction.
2005) On regression analysis with data cleaning via trimming, winsorization, and dichotomization.
However, the simple dichotomization in developed and emerging markets--which the authors sometimes equate with rich and poor countries--might also be harmful for grasping the differences of local conditions in emerging markets as the readers might conclude: I saw China, so I know India as well (both countries are considered as emerging markets by the authors).
Vos and her colleagues' dichotomization of subjects as normal or abnormal at baseline made no allowance for a symptomatic predementia, he noted--a position that "is inconsistent with the published work from other groups in the specialty.
Spain) revisits this model in light of contemporary realities, such as the rise of new media, the spread of neoliberal globalization, and the decline of communism (replacing the anti-communist filter in the model with a dichotomization filter).