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v. di·chot·o·mized, di·chot·o·miz·ing, di·chot·o·miz·es
To separate into two parts or classifications.
To be or become divided into parts or branches; fork.

di·chot′o·mist (-mĭst) n.
di·chot′o·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.


(daɪˈkɒtəˌmaɪz) or


to divide or become divided into two parts or classifications
diˈchotomist n
diˌchotomiˈzation, diˌchotomiˈsation n


(daɪˈkɒt əˌmaɪz)

v. -mized, -miz•ing. v.t.
1. to divide or separate into two parts or kinds.
2. to become divided into two parts; form a dichotomy.
di•chot′o•mist (-mɪst) n.
di•chot`o•mis′tic, adj.
di•chot`o•mi•za′tion, n.


Past participle: dichotomized
Gerund: dichotomizing

I dichotomize
you dichotomize
he/she/it dichotomizes
we dichotomize
you dichotomize
they dichotomize
I dichotomized
you dichotomized
he/she/it dichotomized
we dichotomized
you dichotomized
they dichotomized
Present Continuous
I am dichotomizing
you are dichotomizing
he/she/it is dichotomizing
we are dichotomizing
you are dichotomizing
they are dichotomizing
Present Perfect
I have dichotomized
you have dichotomized
he/she/it has dichotomized
we have dichotomized
you have dichotomized
they have dichotomized
Past Continuous
I was dichotomizing
you were dichotomizing
he/she/it was dichotomizing
we were dichotomizing
you were dichotomizing
they were dichotomizing
Past Perfect
I had dichotomized
you had dichotomized
he/she/it had dichotomized
we had dichotomized
you had dichotomized
they had dichotomized
I will dichotomize
you will dichotomize
he/she/it will dichotomize
we will dichotomize
you will dichotomize
they will dichotomize
Future Perfect
I will have dichotomized
you will have dichotomized
he/she/it will have dichotomized
we will have dichotomized
you will have dichotomized
they will have dichotomized
Future Continuous
I will be dichotomizing
you will be dichotomizing
he/she/it will be dichotomizing
we will be dichotomizing
you will be dichotomizing
they will be dichotomizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been dichotomizing
you have been dichotomizing
he/she/it has been dichotomizing
we have been dichotomizing
you have been dichotomizing
they have been dichotomizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been dichotomizing
you will have been dichotomizing
he/she/it will have been dichotomizing
we will have been dichotomizing
you will have been dichotomizing
they will have been dichotomizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been dichotomizing
you had been dichotomizing
he/she/it had been dichotomizing
we had been dichotomizing
you had been dichotomizing
they had been dichotomizing
I would dichotomize
you would dichotomize
he/she/it would dichotomize
we would dichotomize
you would dichotomize
they would dichotomize
Past Conditional
I would have dichotomized
you would have dichotomized
he/she/it would have dichotomized
we would have dichotomized
you would have dichotomized
they would have dichotomized
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Verb1.dichotomize - divide into two opposing groups or kinds
class, classify, sort out, assort, sort, separate - arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"
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'We are dismayed by [Duterte's] usual dichotomizing of our legitimate call for fishing rights and having a war with China, when we have the legal venue [in] which we are at an advantage, such as the UN-backed Permanent Court of Arbitration decision,' said the group's national chair, Fernando Hicap.
More importantly, in doing so, we must avoid the pitfalls of present-day political discourse: the impulse to airily dismiss disagreeing opinions with pithy comments about grammar or inconsequential details gotten wrong; the temptation to prioritize how badly you burned the other guy over how clearly you have explained your arguments and perhaps fostered a change in opinions; and the all too tender trap of dichotomizing the world around you, even when those who oppose you insist on doing so.
Pathologist characteristic subgroups were created by dichotomizing the 22 pathologists into "high" versus "low" groupings.
Thus the Unit Values for both exports and imports are available for 1000 industries during 2016 and hence analysis would be conducted for these 1000 industries while dichotomizing IIT intohorizontal IIT and vertical IIT.
All such dichotomizing misses the vital importance of connection to real life, to virtues and even hopes and fears that are first and last embodied.
By recovering the everyday experience of the half-connecting subject and tracing its phenomenal existence to a troubled unconscious, I expand upon Romanyshyn's pioneering thesis as follows: The technological worldview (1) is a cultural, not a universal problem, (2) manifests principally as dichotomizing, and (3) is unfixable on the basis of the half-connecting body.
The interpretation of the gospel with a dichotomizing epistemological framework keeps the poor dying while exhorting them to wait for heaven.
A "both/and thinker" emphasizes an interdependent relationship between self and others for mutual understanding, rather than dichotomizing them, and thereby is equipped with what Markham calls a "dialogical spirit" (p.
With the aim of comparing data with previous studies, descriptive statistics dichotomizing the responses to the items were also obtained, considering 1-3 values as "0" and 4-5 as "1".
While most previous studies have analyzed volume as either a continuous variable or a categorical variable using tertiles/quartiles, Bianchi and colleagues dichotomize annual hospital caseload as greater than 15 or less than 15 cystectomies per year.[sup.10] The cut-point is very high relative to other studies where "high volume" hospitals are usually defined as those that perform >5 to 10 cystectomies per year.[sup.4]-[sup.8] In dichotomizing this outcome and using such a high threshold, Bianchi and colleagues are left with only 12% (n = 1515) of their study population in the high volume group and all of these cases had surgery at academic hospitals.
He challenges both antiliberal Augustinians (e.g., Alisdair MacIntyre, Stanley Hauerwas, and John Milbank) and anti-Augustinian liberals (Hannah Arendt, Paul Ramsey, and Timothy Jackson), critiquing both groups for unnecessarily dichotomizing Augustine's theology and liberal political thought.
We recognize three predominant patterns of venation common in fruit wings: 1) "simple subparaIlel," dominated by veins of a single order, occasionally dichotomizing and anatomizing with or without cross veins, usually delimiting elongate areoles, sometimes with an extremely fine intervening reticulum of isodiametric areoles; 2) "fusiform-reticulate, subparallel" with a single order of very fine veins that regularly dichotomize and anatamose to form a uniform network of fusiform areoles, and 3) "complex reticulate," with veins forming reticulum of multiple vein orders, with the main veins giving rise to successively finer veins, commonly with arches and with more or less isodiametric quadrangular to polygonal areoles, occasionally with freely ending veinlets.