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1. (General Physics) Also: dichroic having or consisting of only two colours
2. (Zoology) (of animal species) having two different colour varieties that are independent of sex and age
3. (Colours) able to perceive only two (instead of three) primary colours and the mixes of these colours
dichromatism n
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(ˌdaɪ kroʊˈmæt ɪk, -krə-)

1. Also, dichroic. having or showing two colors; dichromic.
2. (of members of a species) exhibiting two color phases that are unrelated to age or sex.
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Adj.1.dichromatic - of or relating to dichromatism
2.dichromatic - having two colorsdichromatic - having two colors; "a bicolor flower"; "a bicolored postage stamp"
coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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And it looks to the future with Monira Al Qadiri's dichromatic sculptures made from drill heads, which link the pearl diving heritage of the region with the current oil economy and a future when oil drilling equipment will become relics of the past in museums.
Remarkably, this increase of the CNR was not connected with a significant increase in the chemical oxygen demand by dichromatic consumption (CODCr) at high WL (34.2 [+ or -] 1.42 mg O [L.sup.-1]) and at low WL (30.6 [+ or -] 0.84 mg O [L.sup.-1]).
Bone modeling parameters, such as BMD and BV, were calculated at different time points after determination of the ROI, which included all the images within semicylinders and were rendered with a value of 3-5 HU (the images have reached the threshold in Mimics software and were used to generate dichromatic images: background < 3 HU, alveolar bone > 3 HU) (Figures 4(a)-4(c)).
Such dichromatic flavor of the law seems to be to the disadvantage of the probationer.
Quantification was performed post-processing of the water sample on the day of sampling through a fluorescence microscope Olympus B Max 60 to a final magnification of 12000x and under blue light excitation (U-MWB filter, BP 450-480, barrier filter BA515 and dichromatic mirror DM500).
However, there's just something about that dichromatic dissonance which stirs the soul.
Second, the symptoms were based only on the dichromatic responses to MNSI items in this study, compared with other studies using numeric scales on self-rated questionnaires [12, 13].
The filter used for the acquisition was I3 consisting in a 450-490 nm bandpass excitation filter, a 510 nm dichromatic mirror, and a 515 nm suppression filter.
For example, while samples spun at low speed were visibly turbid, the degree of turbidity assessed by the Roche lipemia index (dichromatic absorbance at 660 and 700 nm) was too low to cause a significant interference, which interestingly would have been a negative interference (false low) for this assay.
Color vision test for dichromatic and trichromatic macaque monkeys.
Although many have embraced the binary as a valuable tool for framing contemporary discussions about race relations, several legal scholars have decried the dichromatic model as inaccurately representing the nation's numerous and varied racial and ethnic groups.
We set out to test these hypotheses in the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), a small (~30 g), sexually dichromatic, socially monogamous, multi-brooded, nonmigratory passerine common around areas of human settlement where it nests semi-colonially in a variety of cavities and crevices (Summers-Smith, 1988).