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A plural of dictum.
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1. a plural of dictum
2. (Law) a plural of dictum
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(ˈdɪk təm)

n., pl. -ta (-tə), -tums.
1. an authoritative pronouncement; judicial assertion.
2. a saying; maxim.
[1660–70; < Latin: a saying, command, word; compare index]
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Bon-Bon had ransacked libraries which no other man had ransacked - had more than any other would have entertained a notion of reading- had understood more than any other would have conceived the possibility of understanding; and although, while he flourished, there were not wanting some authors at Rouen to assert "that his dicta evinced neither the purity of the Academy, nor the depth of the Lyceum" - although, mark me, his doctrines were by no means very generally comprehended, still it did not follow that they were difficult of comprehension.
Circuit relied in substantial part on erroneous dicta included in the Supreme Court's decision in United States v.
The standard account of scope begins with the distinction between binding holdings and nonessential dicta: judicial holdings are entitled to deference from future courts, while everything else is dispensable.
chancery, waged in dicta, was ultimately resolved through legislative
Dicta is the stuff that doesn't have to be obeyed." (7) If Roberts's commerce power determination is a holding, then lower courts are bound to follow it in future cases; if it is dictum, their only obligation is to give his reasoning respectful consideration.
A heavily disguised voice on the dicta phone cassettes reveals that Lawrence must kill Adam before 6pm otherwise his beautiful wife Alison (Monica Potter) and young daughter Diana (Makenzie Vega) will be slain.
But the Bush administration has no constitutional warrant to enforce UN dicta against American citizens--or individuals who repudiate U.S.
DICTA 105 is a bean pod weevil (Trichapion godmani Wagner) resistant small red breeding line from the Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Call, Colombia, and the Direccion de Ciencia y Tecnologia Agropecuaria (DICTA), Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
To the extent that any Tax Court dicta contradicts this ruling, the Second Circuit owes "no deference to the Tax Court's statutory interpretations, its relationship to us being that of a district court to a court of appeals, not that of an administrative agency to a court of appeals" (Madison Recycling Assocs., 295 F3d 280 (2d Cir.
McManus provides a very useful overview of what we do know about reading practices of aristocratic women in chapter 1, looking at library inventories, prescriptions for women's reading, and reading journals, and concluding that Spenser's women readers shared the political awareness of his general readership and that women read broadly, not always conforming to dicta about what they should read.