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a. didélfico-a, rel. a un útero doble.
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Didelphic uterus and obstructed hemivagina with renal agenesis: case report and review of the literature.
Among the Mullerian duct anomalies, bicornuate and didelphic uteri are the more common forms, with a prevalence of 25 and 11%, respectively.
Didelphic uterus and obstructed hemi vagina with renal agenesis: case report and review of the literature.
Laparoscopic metroplasty in bicornuate and didelphic uteri.
Outflow tract obstruction of any cause--including a didelphic uterus or other uterine anomalies, vaginal septum, hematometra, renal agenesis, or imperforate hymen--is associated with extensive endometriosis that is typically reversed upon establishing a patent outflow tract.
Bicornuate uterus represents approximately one-fourth of such anomalies, whereas didelphic or "double uterus" is among the least common and represents only 8% of these anomalies [2].
Female reproductive system didelphic, amphidelphic, ovary branches almost symmetrical, reflexed.
DIDELPHIC A Having two wombs B Double drachma C Twinned who am I?