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Contraction of did not.


contraction of
did not


(ˈdɪd nt)
contraction of did not.
References in classic literature ?
Auntie, I wish I hadn't done it -- but I didn't think.
Auntie, I know now it was mean, but I didn't mean to be mean.
And I was glad I didn't find any one who owned it, too," she told her aunt in happy confidence; " 'cause I wanted to bring it home all the time.
I told everybody we should keep it, if I didn't find where it belonged.
Well, wasn't Mr Garland kind when he said 'Christopher, here's your money, and you have earned it well;' and wasn't Mrs Garland kind when she said 'Barbara, here's yours, and I'm much pleased with you;' and didn't Kit sign his name bold to his receipt, and didn't Barbara sign her name all a trembling to hers; and wasn't it beautiful to see how Mrs Garland poured out Barbara's mother a glass of wine; and didn't Barbara's mother speak up when she said
Here's blessing you, ma'am, as a good lady, and you, sir, as a good gentleman, and Barbara, my love to you, and here's towards you, Mr Christopher;' and wasn't she as long drinking it as if it had been a tumblerful; and didn't she look genteel, standing there with her gloves on; and wasn't there plenty of laughing and talking among them as they reviewed all these things upon the top of the coach, and didn't they pity the people who hadn't got a holiday!
Coming out of the bright light of the studio I didn't make out Therese very distinctly.
Didn't the breeches and goggles and whiskers and hand-bag and every blessed thing turn to ghost-stuff?
I didn't care over-weeningly for it for personal gratification; and in my philosophy I completed the circle, finding myself as equable with the lack of a ten-cent piece as I was with the squandering of scores of dollars in calling all men and hangers-on up to the bar to drink with me.
I didn't trouble my head about getting pretty dresses for you.
Of course I've heard of you, seen your picture in the papers, and all that, and, though I say it that shouldn't, I want to say that I didn't care a rap about those articles you wrote on Mexico.
I didn't want to go to school much before, but I reckoned I'd go now to spite pap.