(ˈdɪd nt)
contraction of did not.
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When they all bowed their heads at prayer time Miss Jemima Parr didnt but set bolt uprite and my mothers uncle Thomas bent over and wispered in her ear.
Seani_Maguire_ "Gutted I didnt make more of an impact or score more goals at Sligo.
Wherever my family and friends live in Wales xx DEBORAH ANDERTON: Rhos on sea SUE ROBERTS: Port Merion ITV TO REFUND 'MISLED' VIEWERS OF BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT FINAL @HOLLOWAYSONS1: @ dailypostwales @BGT no i didnt, cor glanaethwy all the way
He said that Prime Minister Main Mohammad Nawaz Sharif in his Tajikistan press conference had given a clear answer to India that Pakistan didnt give threats but to do action.
You can generally find the pro-Pak sentiment during a pro-freedom rally and we can say this with all certainty that waving Pak flags in no way is a crime," the spokesman said, adding that the forum itself didnt wave the Pakistani flag at the party level.
IN response to the news that Newcastle United were practising penalties for last night's cup tie at White Hart Lane): "Pity we didnt have a couple of Germans playing for us
The victims family alleged that Sanjeev was driving too fast and didnt notice the child on the road.
The media organizations should behave responsibly and confirm any news before broadcasting it he said, adding he was always in reach of the media but it didnt bother to know his opinion on the rubbish uttered by Gabol on a news channel.
I felt alright yesterday, but I didnt really miss anything to go 4-0 down.
It may look that way, but only because demand or need always precedes the solution E[acute accent]Perhaps mutual convenience is NOT dead, as our research demonstrates E[acute accent]External collaboration: For EMEA retailers it didnt seem a high priority in 2004/5 E[acute accent]Our latest survey (Q2 2006) shows an appetite for addressing other elements of supplier relationships
However, the protesters warned the police that they will stage demonstration again if the government didnt fulfilled their demands.
Aftab Sherpao said around 40,000 people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were killed and its infrastructure was destroyed in acts of subversion, but the government didnt announce any financial package for the economic revitalization of the province.