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Arranged or occurring in pairs; twin.

[From Greek didumos, twin; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]


(Biology) biology in pairs or in two parts
[C18: from Greek didumos twin, from duo two]


(ˈdɪd ə məs)

adj. Bot.
occurring in pairs; paired; twin.
[1785–95; < Greek dídymos twin, double; see -ous]
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It has actually identified a rock called 65803 Didymous that will be close enough to Earth in October 2022 to test the ability to move a near-Earth object into a different trajectory.
Sepals persistent; fruits not didymous, longer than wide; margin minutely puberulent, very rarely glabrous L.
The duplicate and the didymous, the obverse and the inverse, the geminate and the specular are part and parcel of his art" (4).