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The gradual dying of plant shoots, starting at the tips, as a result of various diseases or climatic conditions.


1. (Plant Pathology) a disease of trees and shrubs characterized by death of the young shoots, which spreads to the larger branches: caused by injury to the roots or attack by bacteria or fungi
2. (Plant Pathology) any similar condition of herbaceous plants
(Plant Pathology) (intr, adverb) (of plants) to suffer from dieback



1. any disease of plants characterized by the death of branches or shoots from the tips inward to the trunk or stem.
2. the unseasonal decline and loss of foliage in a forest or stand of vegetation.
[1885–90, Amer.]


Dead shoot tips of plants caused by cold, wind chill, or disease.
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Noun1.dieback - a disease of plants characterized by the gradual dying of the young shoots starting at the tips and progressing to the larger branches
plant disease - a disease that affects plants
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Oak twig dieback occurs on coast live, valley, interior live, and sometimes blue oaks.
The introduction of neurotrophic factors into the lesion site could increase neuronal survival, decrease dieback of neuronal axons and induce sprouting of new axons to allow formation of alternative circuitry.
One tree which is part of a group of three Atlas Cedars near the Gorsedd Stones, Acton Park, Wrexham, has been confirmed as having cedar dieback (Sirococcus tsugae).
Thought to have arrived from Denmark, where ash dieback has wiped out 90 per cent of its ashes, it was first reported in Buckinghamshire in 2012.
TREES could be protected from the devastating ash dieback disease with the help of a natural soil treatment, researchers have claimed.
Yours sincerely, Mrs M Massingham Cowley, Oxford Dear Mrs Massingham, This is a common problem with Japanese maples - I had to prune nearly half of my Acer Osakazuki this winter due to dieback.
Environment Minister Albert Jacob has applauded the City of Gosnells for installing boot cleaning units in Ellis Brook Valley in Banyowla Regional Park to help manage the spread of dieback.
Ash dieback, first identi-fied in Poland more than 20 years ago, threatens to destroy much of Britain's ash population in the same way Dutch elm disease decimated the elm stock in the south of the country in the 1970s.
Additionally, branches exhibiting tip dieback but not completely dead, 5-25 cm diam, where early A.
1) In the past, grapevine canker and consequent dieback symptoms had always been associated with Eutypa.
A: If the soil is water-logged, then the cherry would exhibit undersized leaves, yellow leaves, leaf-drop, stunted growth and twig dieback over time.