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(ˈdaɪəl) biology
of or lasting for any 24-hour period
a 24-hour period, in relation to animal behaviour patterns
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(ˈdaɪ əl, ˈdi-)

of or pertaining to a 24-hour period, esp. a regular daily cycle, as of the physiology or behavior of an organism.
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New advances in molecular techniques have recently opened the door for more detailed analyses of these more complex aspects of DVM, and research regarding the influence of circadian patterns on diel and seasonal migrations is underway (Cohen and Forward, 2009; Teschke et al., 2011; Christie et al., 2013: De Pitta et al., 2013).
Their names deserve a special mention in the history of the province: Cecile Diel, Ester Marin Catorce, Ellen Grace Subere Albios, Romulo Solivio, Vicente Yunco Jr.
"By creating an agent & client focused organization, Gray Hawk employees will be able to take advantage of new professional growth and advancement opportunities," said Diel. "Gray Hawk employees can also expect enhanced job security as part of a national organization focused on continued growth for years to come."
These dynamics include day-night changes which are reflected in the abundance and diel movement of many of the dominant shore zone species (Gibson and Robb, 1996; Becker and Suthers, 2014; Bennett et al., 2015).
Analyses were conducted (1) to classify movements as local, random, or directed [random walk (RW) analysis], (2) to determine diel behavioral patterns in the presence and absence of food, and (3) to gauge the importance of predators and environmental conditions such as temperature and swell (comparisons of behavioral and predator/cue timing).
However, qualitative observations indicate detection probabilities at known occupied sites show diel variation.
This study was conducted mainly with the objectives of presenting distribution characteristics, demonstrating the diel migration pattern, obtaining the abundance estimation of T.
Because the data were not normally distributed, a nonparametric Kruskal-Wallis 1-way ANOVA was performed to test the diel pattern of the captured weevils using PROC NPAR1WAY, followed by a least significant difference test for the mean ranks data comparison (Madden et al.
We used Mann-Whitney U-tests to detect differences in the diel patterns of carnivore and human activity at underpass sites (interspecific activity patterns) and to compare intraspecific carnivore and human diel activity patterns between canyon and underpass sites using camera data.
Despite being widely proven that zooplankton may change its migratory behaviour in response to the presence of predators (Dodson, 1988), studies on diel vertical migration of zooplankton in nature, focusing on the prey-predator spatial overlap, are still scarce.
In this laboratory study, we incubated eggs of the lizard Anolis sagrei to thermal conditions that mimic diel fluctuations found in the field to determine if natural thermal variation affects offspring morphology and performance.