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One that makes or engraves metal dies for stamping or shaping.

die′sink′ing n.
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Mold-making equipment includes CAD/CAM, EDM (diesinking and wire), CNC milling, turning and accompanying support equipment.
Wire EDM, CNC, diesinking, and manual EDM machines are produced by Agie and Charmilles.
Newest examples included Agie Charmilles, which put Fanuc's general-purpose CNC and servo-motors into a new diesinking EDM model.
RAM or diesinking EDM began in the mid-1950s and soon became an essential moldmaking process.
Today, the company owns three wire EDM machines, one diesinking EDM machine, an abrasive waterjet, a hole-popper and various support equipment.
Parallel to these structural measures, the company says it is making efforts to increase collaboration between its brands, particularly its electrical-discharge-machine brands, which include Charmilles, Agie, Actspark (a merger of Chinese joint ventures of Charmilles and Agie), Engemaq (a Brazilian diesinking EDM builder), and Intech (EDM accessories).
RAM, or diesinking EDM, started with the introduction of manual die sinkers in the mid 1950s.
complex diesinking applications, allowing him to use command programs for efficient automation.
That memo also reveals the builder's motivation: Machining centers have gotten so fast and accurate, it opines, that they're starting to replace diesinking EDMs in many mold shops.
The employer of the first-prize winner will receive from Charmilles Technologies Corp, Lincolnshire, IL, a Form 20 manual diesinking EDM worth $40,000 or 50% off the price of most other models, worth up to $100,000.
"But we have found that the Mitsubishi machines - both the wire-cut and diesinking models - give us fast, reliable throughput, greatly reduced costs, and the ability to adapt quickly to new market demands."