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 (dī-ĕs′trəs) also di·es·trum (-trəm)
In most female mammals, a short period of sexual quiescence between two estrus periods, during which the uterus is prepared for a fertilized ovum.

di·es′trous adj.
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Adj.1.diestrous - (of animals that have several estrous cycles in one breeding season) in a period of sexual inactivity
anestrous - (of lower mammals) not in a state of estrus; not in heat; "an anestrous bitch"
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The enrolled rats were in all menstrual cycles (proestrous, estrous, diestrous, metestrous).
Compared to proestrous females, diestrous females had lower levels of PS (19 +/-6 ng/g), DS (1.
Cytochemical detection of GnRH binding sites on rat pituitary cells with LH, FSH, and GH antigens during diestrous upregulation.