diethyl toluamide

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diethyl tol·u·am·ide

 (tŏl′yo͞o-ăm′īd′, -ĭd)

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On a chemical by chemical basis, false GARD classifications were obtained for thioglycerol, benzoyl peroxide, penicillin G, hexyl salicylate (false negatives, HP category 1-4), hydrocortisone, methyl salicylate, triethanolamine, propyl paraben (false positives, HP category 5) and tocopherol, diethyl phthalate, diethyl toluamide and Tween 80 (false positives, HP category 6).
Furthermore, diethyl phthalate and diethyl toluamide are both frequently classified as positives in cell-based assays (Ashikaga et al.
The only insect repellents that are recommended are those containing diethyl toluamide (DEET).