differential diagnosis

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Noun1.differential diagnosis - a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e.g., headache) that lacks unique symptoms or signs
medical diagnosis - identification of a disease from its symptoms
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Further, the program's relative lack of laboratory input for the development of the differential diagnosis may actually help the user become more attuned to the importance of the history and physical examination in clinical problem solving, thereby lessening dependence on test results.
Medical School) provides a concise guide to differential diagnosis for over 900 signs, symptoms and clinical disorders.
Information is organized according to classes of radiologic findings, with separate chapters addressing the differential diagnosis of osteopenia, osteosclerosis, trauma and fractures, arthritis, tumors, and lesions.
However, although rare, it is important to recognize perineural tumor extension along the trigeminal nerve into the cranial vault in the differential diagnosis of a unilateral head and neck mass.
After a simple and fast negative stain preparation, the undirected, "open view" of electron microscopy allows rapid morphologic identification and differential diagnosis of different agents contained in the specimen.
Atlas of Differential Diagnosis in Neoplastic Hematopathology, 3rd Edition
Differential diagnosis in computed tomography, 2d ed.
Written for both dermatologists and primary care physicians, this compact guide is designed to be user friendly rather than encyclopedic and serves as a quick reference guide or a starting point for differential diagnosis of dermatologic diseases.
Many neoplasms are considered in the differential diagnosis, but the principal ones are follicular adenoma, follicular carcinoma, and medullary carcinoma; nonneoplastic considerations are diffuse hyperplasia (Graves' disease) and adenomatoid nodules.
Although VHFs are rare, this report stresses the need for health facilities in Kenya and East/Central Africa to include VHFs in their differential diagnosis of unexplained fever with hemorrhagic tendencies, as well as the utility of the surveillance network.
Goolsby, a nurse practitioner, and Grubbs (nursing, Florida State U.) explain to advanced nurse practitioner students and new and experienced nurses how to perform assessments in primary care, interpret findings, and arrive at a differential diagnosis. They first discuss clinical decision making, pitfalls, and the use of evidence-based resources, then assessment and diagnosis using a system and body region approach, with chapters organized by specific systems and associated complaints and describing assessment, conditions that should be considered, and symptoms, signs, and diagnostic findings to support them.

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