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1. Of, relating to, or showing a difference.
2. Constituting or making a difference; distinctive.
3. Dependent on or making use of a specific difference or distinction.
4. Mathematics Of or relating to differentiation.
5. Involving differences in speed or direction of motion.
1. Mathematics
a. An infinitesimal increment in a variable.
b. The product of the derivative of a function of one variable and the increment of the independent variable.
2. A differential gear.
3. A difference between comparable things, as in wage rate or in price.

dif′fer·en′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.differentially - in a differential manner; "Hubel and Wiesel have found cells that respond differentially according to the direction in which a stimulus is moved across the retina"
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Caption: Figure 2: Heat map of miRNAs differentially expressed in sheep adipose tissues.
For example, Huang et al [6] used RNA-Seq technology to select differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in the subcutaneous and intramuscular adipose tissues of Large White pigs and found that these genes were mainly involved in lipid metabolism, regulated adipocyte differentiation through the MAPK signaling pathway, and accordingly affected lipid accumulation in subcutaneous and intramuscular adipose tissues.
The patent entails at least one computer readable medium having stored thereon a plurality of instances and a skin aging gene expression signature, wherein each instance comprises an ordered list of identifiers representing a plurality of up-regulated and a plurality of down-regulated genes differentially expressed in response to contact between the cosmetic agent and a human fibroblast cell or a human keratinocyte cell.
The drug includes a mixture of distinct but closely related chemical entities that are likely to contribute differentially to its toxicity profile.
I do not wish to distract from the important messages he conveys with regard to Acanthamoeba Keratitis, however I must take him to task on the sentence: "Any optometrist is better qualified and equipped to identify and differentially diagnose those anterior segment lesions that require emergency referral than any GP, potentially even a contact lens optician"
In the last years, diverse genetic studies have focused on the analysis of differentially expressed genes (DETs-Differentially Expressed Transcripts) or, in other words, genes expressed as messenger RNAs (mRNA) which differ in abundance among cell types or specific tissues, and which may be regulated by chemical, physiological, and environmental mechanisms (Liang and Pardee, 1995).
"Mr Modi has already bared a two-fold focus to build a pragmatic, dynamic policy that ends the era of belated, reactive diplomacy: Proactively regain India's clout in its own strategic backyard and build closer but differentially calibrated collaboration with major powers", analyst Brahma Chellaney writes in the Hindustan Times.
Yuki Hasegawa of CLST, who led the study, said that among the differentially expressed genes, the most significantly differentially expressed ones were those related to hypoxic responses, and hypoxia is known to be important in the progression of tumors and the maintenance of pluripotency.
The results provide the first direct evidence that the two human steroids communicate opposite gender information that is differentially effective to the two sex groups based on their sexual orientation.
In the current study, to identify truly differentially expressed genes between epilepsy patients and normal controls, we carried out a PLS analysis with two combined data sets from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database.
The company's sales in Asia are growing differentially higher than in other parts of the world and third party market estimates are for these consumption rates to continue for a long time.

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