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v. dif·fer·en·ti·at·ed, dif·fer·en·ti·at·ing, dif·fer·en·ti·ates
1. To constitute the distinction between: subspecies that are differentiated by the markings on their wings.
2. To perceive or show the difference in or between; discriminate.
3. To make different by alteration or modification.
4. Mathematics To calculate the derivative or differential of (a function).
1. To become distinct or specialized; acquire a different character.
2. To make distinctions; discriminate.
3. Biology To undergo differentiation.
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Adj.1.differentiated - made different (especially in the course of development) or shown to be different; "the differentiated markings of butterflies"; "the regionally differentiated results"
undifferentiated, uniform - not differentiated
2.differentiated - exhibiting biological specialization; adapted during development to a specific function or environment
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
specialised, specialized - developed or designed for a special activity or function; "a specialized tool"


adj diferenciado; partially — parcialmente diferenciado; poorly — pobremente or poco diferenciado; well — bien diferenciado
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He dropped gradually back into his old frivolous and easygoing ways and conditions of feeling and manner of speech, and no familiar of his could have detected anything in him that differentiated him from the weak and careless Tom of other days.
But, gradually, the truth dawned on me: that Man had not remained one species, but had differentiated into two distinct animals: that my graceful children of the Upper-world were not the sole descendants of our generation, but that this bleached, obscene, nocturnal Thing, which had flashed before me, was also heir to all the ages.
Yet species and genus do not merely indicate quality, like the term 'white'; 'white' indicates quality and nothing further, but species and genus determine the quality with reference to a substance: they signify substance qualitatively differentiated.
The result had been that not only was he familiar with the facts in all their bearings, but he had already so far differentiated them that he was able to arrange them in his own mind according to their values.
Here, on the top of one of them, his keen eyes caught a glimpse of a shade of green sharply differentiated from any he had seen all day.
Utterly differentiated creatures that they were, they were lonely in their misery, and though the misery was tacitly ignored, it was the bond that drew them together.
They had a language, in which they were unlike the race just inferior to them, and they walked much more erect and were less hairy: but it was principally the fact that they possessed a spoken language and carried a weapon that differentiated them from the others.
The profound man, who is by nature differentiated from his fellows, feels this difference too keenly to call attention to it by any outward show.
This report also describes the emerging market for stem cell-derived differentiated cells, a potential threat-or opportunity-for this market.
RTI & differentiated reading in the K-8 classroom.
Collegiality is critical because it encourages the collaboration necessary to support the choices that have to be made in the development of differentiated instruction.
1) Among these epithelial tumors are poorly differentiated carcinoma (also called small-cell undifferentiated carcinoma), oat-cell carcinoma, and anaplastic small-cell carcinoma, (2) and more than 90% of patients with these aggressive carcinomas develop metastatic disease.

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