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 (dĭf′ĭ-kŭlt′, -kəlt)
1. Requiring considerable effort or skill; not easy to do or accomplish: "To entertain is far more difficult than to enlighten" (Anthony Burgess).
2. Not easy to endure; full of hardship or trouble; trying: fell upon difficult times.
3. Not easy to comprehend, solve, or explain: a difficult puzzle.
4. Not easy to please, satisfy, or manage: a difficult child.
5. Not easy to persuade or convince; stubborn.

[Middle English, back-formation from difficulte, difficulty; see difficulty.]

dif′fi·cult′ly adv.
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References in classic literature ?
He said, "This was the whole truth of the matter, and he would take his oath of it;" and concluded with very passionately begging Mr Allworthy "to have compassion on the poor fellow's family, especially as he himself only had been guilty, and the other had been very difficultly prevailed on to do what he did.
He did not expect her to write often, for he knew that letter-writing came difficultly to her; and he was quite content with the clumsy little note that arrived in reply to four of his.
It felt like five players became eight that's why we were having a difficultly guarding them because our five opponents became eight.
He also thanked the Chairman WAPDA, Chinese workers and Saudi Fund for over the successful completion of the project in difficultly accessible area.
They added: "The canoeist was with a group of five people when he got into difficultly.
Despite widespread use of antipsychotics, sometimes people have difficultly taking daily medication as prescribed, increasing the risk of their symptoms returning.
The fifth victim, a man surnamed Phan, who experienced difficultly breathing due to smoke inhalation, was sent to Min-Sheng hospital for treatment.
Given the notorious difficultly of the challenge, RSA will reward one lucky winner who is able to crack a smile on the face of the guard with the chance to win a trip to London for two.
We are people who have experience with difficulties, and every difficultly makes us stronger.
He also downplayed worries that policemen would have difficultly interacting with female drivers.
It is believed Damola got into difficultly after jumping into the water.