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Capable of diffusing or of undergoing diffusion: diffusible dyes.

dif·fus′i·bly adv.
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[13] Rapid onset of sensory block with pH adjustment of local anaesthetics was due to improved penetration and more availability of the diffusible base.
Nerurkar is continuing this research at Columbia Engineering, developing quantitative molecular-mechanical relationships that could be used to design and construct replacement tissues in the lab, using controlled delivery of these diffusible cues -- the instructional signals that are secreted by cells and then float away to neighboring cells -- to instruct the self organization of cells into functional tissues and organs.
New approaches included inoculating vines with a benign strain of Xylella fastidiosa (Xf; the pathogen causing PD) to prevent the colonization of the naturally occurring virulent Xf strain; using a mixture of bacteriophages that kill Xf, and applying a chemical called diffusible signal factor to vines to prevent Xf from moving and spreading.
Pigmentation on the surface of aerial hyphae and on reverse of colony and noting any diffusible pigment in the medium
Absolute quantification of CBF requires a diffusible tracer that disperses from the vascular system into neighbouring tissue.
discuss the role of diffusible gaseous transmitters (gasotransmitters) in regulating neuronal excitability and plasticity.
The color of the aerial mycelium was pinkish grey and the strain AVS7 produced diffusible reddish brown pigment.
A more recently isolated substance in olive oil, dubbed oleocanthal, was shown to reduce the adverse effects of amyloid-beta-derived diffusible ligands, suspected of contributing to Alzheimer's disease ...
Diffusible ionic calcium is physiologically very active and forms 50% of the total plasma calcium.