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Capable of diffusing or of undergoing diffusion: diffusible dyes.

dif·fus′i·bly adv.
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The macroscopic features were recorded from obverse (colony texture, shape, margin and deposition of color in centre and periphery) and reverse side (color, presence or absence of diffusible pigment with its color, pattern of ridges and breakage within medium) of pure growth of fungal isolate on SDA.
Synthetic S-nitroso- L-cysteine (CysNO) is a reactive, highly diffusible low-molecular-weight NO source that has been used as an NO donor in many different studies (Gu and Lewis, 2007; Terrile et al.
ROS are short-lived diffusible entities, generated by inflammatory cells, which accumulate in both allergic and non-allergic inflammations (Baldwin et al.
A more recently isolated substance in olive oil, dubbed oleocanthal, was shown to reduce the adverse effects of amyloid-beta-derived diffusible ligands, suspected of contributing to Alzheimer's disease .
One approach to improving bridge timber preservative treatment is "dual treatment": apply a water-soluble and diffusible borate-based treatment in combination with the traditional oil-borne preservatives (e.
Nitric Oxide (NO), is a small, diffusible, highly reactive free radical involved in the mediation of many biological processes including neurotransmission, immune system and blood vessel dilatation [12, 13].
Due to its advanced anti-explosive design the robot can operate in highly explosive and diffusible hydrogen gas, and can be used in zone 1 hazardous areas(2).
20) Using x-ray elemental analysis, Slavin and associates have demonstrated that almost all lead in synovial fluid is in a diffusible state and therefore available to systemic absorption via macrophage phagocytosis.
The role of MPO, an enzyme secreted from activated neutrophils and monocytes, has attracted scientific interest as a source of free radicals and diffusible oxidants.
Produced using a seamless manufacturing process, ESAB says PrimeWeld offers a very low diffusible hydrogen level which is said to minimise the risk of hydrogen-induced cold cracking (HICC) when welding thicker components, especially critical in offshore applications.
A critical combination of factors must be reached to induce the delayed fracture: the presence of diffusible hydrogen,1,2 applied or residual stresses3,4 of a sufficient level (due to the assembling process for example) and metallurgical factors such as the crystallographic structure and the chemical composition or the microstructure5,6,7,8.