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In the process of diffusion of a single solute, a concentration of molecules on one side of a membrane (top) will move through a membrane (center) until there is equilibrium on both sides (bottom).


1. The process of diffusing or the condition of being diffused: the diffusion of new technology around the world.
2. Physics
a. The scattering of incident light by reflection from a rough surface.
b. The transmission of light through a translucent material.
c. The spontaneous intermingling of the particles of two or more substances as a result of random thermal motion.
3. The spread of linguistic or cultural practices or innovations within a community or from one community to another.

dif·fu′sion·al adj.


of, relating to, or involving diffusion
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In this research work, the effect of particle size and subsequent diffusional inflences on the nature of the produced organic compounds were investigated using a wide range of particle sizes, viz.
Furthermore, distortions observed in those resistive-capacitive contributions indicate a deviation from the theoretical models in terms of a time constants distribution due to either lateral penetration of the electrolyte at the metal/ coating interface (usually started at the base of intrinsic or artificial coating defects), underlying metallic surface heterogeneity (topological, chemical composition, surface energy), and/or diffusional processes that could take place along the test.
25) Optimum functionality of the immobilized biocatalyst in this system can be achieved when the polymer closely matches the solubility parameters of the reactant, which ensures a reduction in diffusional constraints and enables saturation of the enzyme active site.
The results show that the diffusional restrictions on one hand and the nature of the microenvironment on the other hand, interact in a dynamic way with the enzyme to determine its properties.
Then they focus on specific kinds of transformations: solidification, diffusional transformations in solids, and diffusionless transformations.
To describe the diffusional transport of the drug the following premises were used: at the surface of the dosage the drug concentration is constant; the release of the drug follows a first order kinetics (the release rate is proportional to its concentration); diffusion is isotropic (it does not depend on the spatial direction); the convective process is insignificant, thus it can be neglected; the release of the drug from the cylinders occurs only in axial direction (Siepmann et al.
To determine the external diffusional effects, experiments were carried out with constant space time ([W/F.
This small-scale structure enhances diffusional mixing of the species, in addition to the mixing by advection.
Increases in alveolar volume would be expected to enhance diffusional deposition, the primary mechanism of deposition for UFPs, although impaired alveolar ventilation would counter this increase.
These included a continuously stirred tank reactor with an external ultrafiltration unit, an immobilized enzyme reactor and a diffusional hollow-fiber reactor.
The Accuflux is an automated, state-of-the-art testing device that uses high-speed data acquisition hardware and unique software algorithms to perform the diffusional flow, pressure hold, bubble point and water intrusion tests.
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