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 (dĭ-fyo͞o′sĭv, -zĭv)
Characterized by diffusion.

dif·fu′sive·ly adv.
dif·fu′sive·ness n.
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But will not this also be possessed in sufficient degree by a very few intelligent men, diffusively elected within the State?
Within the narrow channels of a microfluidic reactor chip, various membrane components dissolved in specified ratios in organic and aqueous streams as appropriate, at precisely controlled speeds and ratios, are allowed to mix diffusively. The microscale dimensions of these confined channels restrict turbulent flow, resulting in well-defined mixing and homogenous, reproducible NV populations.
Consider a dynamical network consisting of diffusively coupled identical nodes, with each node being a second-order dynamical unit.
Multiple intercoupled reaction-diffusion neural networks can generate complex networks, as shown in the following example: the author of [25] discusses the passivity-based synchronization of a complex delayed dynamical network consisting of N linearly and diffusively coupled identical reaction-diffusion neural networks.
The Father (God/Christ) is the symbol of a rare totality in all religions of the world.1 The "Self" is achieved through the process of individuation-a synthesizing process in which the conscious and unconscious parts of the psyche are diffusively focused on a single vision.
Each image consists of a number of speckles resulting from coherent superposition of the two laser beams, diffusively reflected off the object surface.
Phytoextraction is best suited for the remediation of diffusively polluted areas, where pollutants occur superficially in a relatively low concentration.
Some of the most characteristic examples of the effects of noise are as follows: (1) self-similarity of the attractor is broken; (2) a phase space reconstruction appears as high-dimensional on small length scales; (3) nearby trajectories diverge diffusively rather than exponentially; and (4) the prediction error is found to be bounded from below no matter in which prediction method is used and to how many digits the data are recorded [28].
In TP 16 it can be seen that the CRZ increases in width as carbon dioxide is diffusively injected, and the total and axial velocities within the CRZ are also increased.