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 (dĭ-fyo͞o′sĭv, -zĭv)
Characterized by diffusion.

dif·fu′sive·ly adv.
dif·fu′sive·ness n.
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It is a known fact in human nature, that its affections are commonly weak in proportion to the distance or diffusiveness of the object.
Whatever its possible diffusiveness, Wilsonianism, according to Smith, counsels "the conviction that democratic culture and political institutions, combined with economic power and geostrategic advantage, gave the United States an exceptional role to play on the stage of history" (76).
McLean notes the critical tendency to acknowledge the diffusiveness of the New Zealand Gothic without adequately tracing where Gothic elements might come from, if they are not indigenous.
In a similar study, 47 patients with NSTEMI confirmed via angiography were compared to 45 control patients with stable angina (having undergone coronary angiography and determined to have normal coronary arteries), and NGAL levels were positively correlated to lesion complexity and the diffusiveness of CAD in patients with NSTEMI.
They evidence suffering's diffusiveness as it proceeds to imbue an array of entities situated within sites of saturated violence.
The study was also devoted to analysis of technical regulation of road safety issues, and diffusiveness in technical regulation has been found.
The ego closes itself off to any overtures of diffusiveness either from within the self or from without the external world.
On Aquinas's existential account of the good, we are called to imitate God's diffusiveness as best we can.
Eleven clinically normal pregnancies in the abnormal placental histology group may be explained with diffusiveness of the pathology in the placental bed.
Blue's diffusiveness bespeaks an ongoing, indeterminate process that Jefferson's blindness to that which is over-defined makes possible.
As the ray hits the target, ideally it should be back propagated according to bidimensional Snell's law; however, in order to have a more realistic modelling of the target surface, diffusiveness from target surface can be further taken into account through a second-order Monte Carlo.
It is a known fact in human nature that its affections are commonly weak in proportion to the distance or diffusiveness of the object.