dig into

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Verb1.dig into - examine physically with or as if with a probe; "probe an anthill"
penetrate, perforate - pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance; "The bullet penetrated her chest"
gutter - wear or cut gutters into; "The heavy rain guttered the soil"

w>dig into

vi +prep obj
(inf) cake, pieherfallen über (+acc) (inf)
sb’s pastwühlen in (+dat)
to dig (deep) into one’s pockets or purse (fig)tief in die Tasche greifen
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Every year across the country, thousands of people dig into a buried natural gas line or other underground lines.
Although SDG&E receives more than 97,000 mark-out requests annually, there are about 500 incidents per year when customers or contractors dig into underground gas and electric lines, causing disrupted gas or electric service.
Both Walker and Valdez were key members of team that grew the DIG into an industry force under Gerard's leadership during the inaugural year.