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An alcoholic drink taken at the end of a meal, often thought to aid digestion.

[French, digestive, digestif, from Latin dīgestīvus, digestive, from dīgestus, past participle of dīgerere, to disperse, separate; see digest.]


(Brewing) something, esp a drink, taken as an aid to digestion, either before or after a meal
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Made with natural ingredients, they come in four varieties - Cleanse, Tranquillity, Revitalise and Digestif.
Andre's Restaurant & Lounge in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is seeing "an increased interest in the world of Cognac/brandy, as it makes for a great digestif," says general manager Marc Boutiron.
Sloe liqueurs are generally drunk as a digestif with or after dessert, or to warm the cockles of your heart when out on a walk or when watching sport on freezing cold days," says Jonathan.
Do you choose a digestif that ensures the company leaves the table smiling?
Expect amazing smoky tof fee flavours that will go well with a rich pudding or as a nice digestif.
Directly opposite White is TheThree Judges (a stylish cocktail bar where we later retired for a small digestif ) and cabaret was provided by a bloke who staggered out of the side door just as we were taking our seats.
Pommeau is downed as an aperitif, cider is enjoyed with meals and calvados is consumed either as the digestif or, more traditionally, as the trou normand between courses.
Selon le Pr Arbaoui, le cancer digestif en Algerie represente un quart des cancers en general.
Aujourd'hui grace a une collaboration exemplaire entre la Societe marocaine des maladies de l'appareil digestif (SMMAD) et le groupe Roche Maroc, des initiatives concretes et innovantes dans la lutte anti hepatique sont possibles.
dinners consisting of: cocktail c / assorted snacks, main course, wine, drinks, salad, dessert, digestif, to be held on day 30.
Estopinal created the recipes for Bellocq's more than 60 Cobblers--priced from $8 to $30--which use base spirits like Sherry, fruit and digestif liqueurs, vermouth and other aromatized wines.